Creating Deliciously Moody Vignettes With Haris Kenjar

It’s finally feeling like autumn on America’s East Coast, which means an ushering in of all things dark, autumnal colors palates, and a craving for cozy. The embodiment of all those feelings is this series of interior design photographs by Haris Kenjar.

Inside An Iconic Malibu Architectural Masterpiece with Roger Davies

There is a special place in Californian architecture marked by the renowned work of architect John Lautner. Kicking off his career as Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, Lautner fell into his own iconic style and took over the West Coast mid-century scene.

Hufton & Crow Tell Us About Photographing the World’s Largest Airport

A headliner on CNN, Curbed, Dezeen, and Architectural Digest, this week’s featured project has been widely talked about in the press and has made waves across the architecture community. A truly incredible undertaking, Zaha Hadid Architects‘ Bejing Daxing International Airport is a 12.9 billion dollar, 700,000 square meter masterpiece.

Matthew Millman documents AIA CC Merit Awarded ‘House of Earth & Sky’

Alert! Alert! Great architecture inbound. This week’s featured project is Matthew Millman’s photographs of AIA CC Merit awarded House of Earth & Sky by Aidlin Darling. And where there is beautiful architecture, there is beautiful photography. This series is steeped in strong geometric shapes and the golden light that early evening brings.

Chase Daniel Takes Us Inside a Perfect Palm Springs Residence

It’s official. I want to be Chase Daniel when I grow up. I could go on and on about his work forever, but it’s probably just easier to show you how beautiful, clean, and well thought out each of his compositions are. I drooled over Chase’s website for an absurd amount of time — scrolling through Japanese/Texas fusion restaurants, smokey bars, cowboy boot peddlers, cabins, and ranches.

Photographing a Tidy Interior Design Project with Jack Lovel

Here on Architectural Photography Almanac, we tend to focus on — well — architecture. Not to be overlooked though, is photography with an emphasis on the design of a space. This Project of the Week by Melbourne based Jack Lovel is great study on clean edits, simplicity, and the “less is more” aspect that shines when working with interior designers.

Aaron Leitz Photographs A Reformed New Zealand Cattle Farm

Ahh New Zealand; the magical land where perfect scenery and perfect architecture collide. This week’s shining example is a residential home by Cheshire Architects, with interior design by Terry Hunziker, photographed by Seattle based Aaron Leitz.

Ivar Kvaal Photographs Europe’s First Restaurant On The Sea Floor

Strap on your swimmies because Norwegian photographer Ivar Kvaal is literally taking us under the sea in this Project of the Week. Not only does the exterior of Snøhetta's restaurant Under just descend into the ocean like it's starring in The Hunt For Red October, but inside, you dine in a lair fit for a supervillain.

Casey Dunn Photographs Nevada’s New Architectural Mecca

Just nine miles south of the razzle and dazzle of Las Vegas lies Henderson, Nevada. This sweeping desert town houses fossils, state parks, and an architectural gem: Ascaya. Although it broke ground in 2004, Ascaya – a luxurious custom home community – screeched to a halt during the recession.

Murray Fredericks Photographs A One-Of-A-Kind Residence in North Bondi

Australian architecture is such an interesting mix of modern and tropical design. Built to contend with the harsh temperatures and elements, these homes are never boring and almost always beautiful. Enter Murray Fredericks and his series on Bondi House by the architects at CplusC.

How And Why We Curate Project of the Week

Project of the Week has been a staple of Architectural Photography Almanac since the beginning, so we thought it was time to let you in on the process. How do we choose the projects to share with you? Where do we find them? Why does any of this even matter?

Project of the Week: Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern Series

Tom Blachford's Midnight Modern project stopped me dead in my tracks. It is essentially everything I love in the universe, wrapped up in one otherworldly series. Mid-century architecture & classic cars, all captured by moonlight.

Project of the Week: James Florio / Cazú Zegers

Patagonia is one of the most extreme and beautiful places on this planet. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, so lucky for me, the masterful James Florio is taking us on a visual adventure to an incredible hotel there. This week’s featured project takes place at architect Cazú Zegers Hotel Tierra Patagonia.

Project of the Week: Maíra Acayaba / Frederico Sabella Arquitetura

This week we're back in Brazil, but this time with the great Maíra Acayaba. Three hours outside of São Paulo lies the Gonçalves municipality, home to our featured project, Casa Gonçalves by Frederico Sabella Arquitetura. Maíra Acayaba has a stellar body of work as a whole, but Casa Gonçalves is hands down my favorite series. Perched on top of the highest mountain in the Gonçalves region, the house sits among the clouds. Maíra had to split the shoot into two days to combat the fast-moving fog and cloud cover that came and went.

Project of the Week: Åke E:son Lindman / Kolman Boye

On this episode of Project of the Week, we’re teleporting you to the Norwegian wilderness. Keeping in line with last week’s moody & broody theme, Swedish architectural photographer Åke Lindman has documented Kolman Boye's Vega Cottage complete with foggy exteriors and soft-lit interiors. The atmosphere of this set renders it worthy of Project of the Week, so let's dive on in!
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