Announcing Perspective: AP Almanac’s Architecture and Design Festival

I am so thrilled to launch our first large event: Perspective, a festival focusing on architecture, design, photography, and videography. Held June 21-22, 2024, in the architecture mecca that is Columbus, Indiana, Perspective will bring together architects, artists, photographers, designers, videographers, and more to learn from each other and experience the incredible city of Columbus.

APA Workshops

Project of the Week

Adrien Williams Takes Us to a Peaceful Cabin in Montreal

Adrien Williams Takes Us to a Peaceful Cabin in Montreal

Today’s featured project takes us to a gorgeous forest in Montreal, where we’ll be taking a look at Adrien Williams’s photographs of the chalet Rustic Grade by Maurice Martel architecte. Adrien shares “The shoot was smooth and easy-going. Maurice Martel is actually a friend and the project happened to be near my own cabin.”

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APA Awards

The judges are currently reviewing the submissions for the 2023 APA Awards. We’ll be announcing this years winners shortly. In the meantime check out some of last year’s finalists.

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