Bruno Belli Crafts an Awesome Personal Project at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Bruno Belli Crafts an Awesome Personal Project at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Today we’re taking a little trip to Ontario with architectural photographer Bruno Belli! Bruno has sublimely photographed Frank Gehry’s expansion of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). “I shot these over the course of three days there, trying to get the right light and mood for each of the angles.

Announcing Perspective: AP Almanac’s Architecture and Design Festival

I am so thrilled to launch our first large event: Perspective, a festival focusing on architecture, design, photography, and videography. Held June 21-22, 2024, in the architecture mecca that is Columbus, Indiana, Perspective will bring together architects, artists, photographers, designers, videographers, and more to learn from each other and experience the incredible city of Columbus.

Laowa Lens Offers a Reliable Shift Lens at a Great Value

The Laowa 20mm Zero-D Shift is a reliable choice for those seeking to incorporate shift capabilities into their setup. This lens provides a compelling entry point from both image quality and price perspectives. Laowa Lens is also giving APA readers 10% off either the 15mm or 20mm shift lenses.

Christophe Bénard compares: Fujifilm GFX100 II, Sony A7R V, Phase One IQ260

So here we are, 2024 has come, and the choice for camera systems is better than ever. Christophe Bénard had the opportunity to test the Fujifilm GFX100 II and its new Tilt-Shift lenses. How does this combo compare to Sony and the Phase One digital back?

Nate Sheets Photographs the First Certified Passive Home in Missouri

On this episode of Project of the Week, we’re back with POTW pro Nate Sheets and his gorgeous work. Today Nate will be taking us on a visual tour of the first certified passive house in Missouri, and giving us some insight along the way! Nate shares how he got linked up with his client for the shoot.

Architectural Photography in Austin – Casey Dunn Discusses His Philosophy and Career

Regrettably, this interview was conducted almost one year ago with the plan to do a ‘part two’ but life and work have been so insanely busy for both Casey and myself that it just never happened. So before another year goes by, I figured I better at least get this part of the interview posted and hopefully in the future, we can do a second part.

Álex Fernández-Llamazares Shares His Experience Photographing the Estación AVE León in Spain

This week’s episode of Project of the Week takes us to León, Spain with architectural photographer Álex Fernández-Llamazares! Today we’ll be checking out his photographs of Estación AVE León by URBAQ Arquitectos. Álex has some great accolades to his name, including winning 3rd prize in the IPA 2022 for Architecture/Buildings, and honorable mention in the IPA 2022 Architectural/Industrial field.

Don’t Get Caught Unaware by this New Federal Reporting Requirement

A new year brings new laws that may affect your creative business. This year, there is one big change that virtually all small creative businesses need to be aware of: the Beneficial Owner Information reporting requirement. Each state has its own laws, so I can’t really speak to those (except for California)—please do check into your local rules to see if there are any important changes in your state. 

Visit the Famed Sea Ranch Lodge With Photographer Adam Potts

About 3 hours north of San Francisco sits a coastal community called the Sea Ranch. Built in the 1960s by a small group of architects, designers, and planner Lawrence Halprin, the community is centered around its immersion in nature. The Sea Ranch community consists of about 2,000 residences, and also includes a community lodge, which is where we’ll be spending our time today for this Project of the Week!

Check Out This Stunning Campus Restaurant Photographed by California Based Architectural Photographer Zack Benson

We’re back on Project of the Week with another one of Zack Benson’s perfectly photographed restaurants — Soda & Swine. Zack’s photographs of Morning Glory were the object of my fixation back in March of 2020, and this new project – which is actually the coolest college dining hall on the University of California San Diego’s campus by Consortium Holdings and BASILE Studio – is my new favorite!

Jury Awards Architecture Photographer $6.3 Million in Copyright Infringement Case

Scott Hargis Photo Vs. Pacifica Senior Living has wound its way through California’s Central District court system and the result is a massive victory for photographers everywhere. The damages award is one of the largest ever recorded for a photographic copyright infringement case.

Gifts for Architectural Photographers – a Few Things to Make Life Easier

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them, the rise of consumerism. Many people are thinking about gifts and creating lists of gift suggestions. Articles on the APA website are typically read by photographers themselves rather than their loved ones.

Ingo Rasp Photographs a Project 26 Years in the Making at “Stuttgart 21”

On today’s episode of Project of the Week, we’re taking a dive into the process of photographing a structure under construction — one that has been in the works for 26 years from its conception! We’re talking about Stuttgart 21 rail node. Construction on this mammoth project is winding down, and the rail node will be finished next year!

Shimoda Has a New Backpack on the Way – Here’s my Thoughts on Their Existing Models

For several months, I’ve been testing camera rolling backpacks, using several models from the Thinktank company as examples. I wrote a fairly long article about it, which you can still read. After an extended period of working and traveling with a backpack, however, I found myself longing for a classic camera backpack.

Explore an Abandoned Greek Village With Architect and Photographer Marco Petrini

This week’s featured project takes us on a very cool adventure with Marco Petrini of Petrini Studio. Marco is a New York City-based architect and architectural photographer. During a recent trip to Crete, Greece, for a photography assignment and vacation, Marco came across the abandoned Dionysos village, which he decided to photograph.

Announcing the 2023 Architectural Photography Competition

We have learned so much over the last two years and are proud to launch what is surely our best competition yet. We remain committed to being the only photography competition solely by and for architectural photographers. Given the unique criteria by which professional architectural photography is commissioned and created, it must be judged with a critical eye, and as a result the majority of “architectural photography” contests have not done the best job of accurately judging architectural photography.

Where is the Architectural Photography Almanac Going?

You’ve probably noticed that things have been a little quiet around here recently. I definitely understand and feel it as well! With that in mind thought I’d share a few major updates about the current and future of Architecture Photography Almanac as we wrap on our …wait for it… fifth year in operation.

Immerse Yourself in the Forest Surrounding Casa Cono With the Esteemed Architectural Photography of LGM Studio

I am always stricken by Luis Gallardo of LGM Studio’s work! Today, our featured project takes us to a house in the forest, where Luis immerses us deep in a world of reflections, context, light, and mood. Throughout this project, it often feels like Luis’s photographs are a magic trick, and the house is appearing and disappearing before our eyes.

Nakul Jain Speaks on Photographing the Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology in Kanpur

Nakul Jain of Team NJDC is a Chandigarh-based architectural photographer who is taking us on an adventure today to the Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology located in Kanpur, India. PSIT is designed by Locus Associates with Mukul Gupta as the principal architect and Sapna Khattar as the interior architect.
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