The APA Awards | Announcing the 2023 New + Emerging Talent Winners

It is always with great excitement that we announce the winners of our emerging talent competition. Not only is it absolutely humbling to see how incredible the up-and-coming new wave of architectural photographers are, but I get to spend time with the winner each year in a one-on-one workshop in order to develop their business skills and photography practice.

Introducing the New Arca Swiss Pico System

The Arca Swiss Pico is a new addition to the line of technical cameras by Arca Swiss, renowned for their precision and quality in camera and tripod systems. Pico has been designed as a compact and lightweight view camera, aimed at professional photographers who require precise control over their images, particularly needing shift and tilt functionalities.

Owen Davies Creates Forlorn and Otherworldly Images in His Project LIGHT/MASS

“Light/Mass is an ongoing series of alien urban landscapes found in cities across the United States,” NYC-based photographer Owen Davies explains about his project. “Exploring the overlooked architecture of metropolitan America, I seek to reveal the beautiful strangeness of these monument-like structures standing in familiar environments.”

Adrien Williams Takes Us to a Peaceful Cabin in Montreal

Today’s featured project takes us to a gorgeous forest in Montreal, where we’ll be taking a look at Adrien Williams’s photographs of the chalet Rustic Grade by Maurice Martel architecte. Adrien shares “The shoot was smooth and easy-going. Maurice Martel is actually a friend and the project happened to be near my own cabin.”

Where Auroras Meet Architecture – Charles Stemen Photographs an Installation in Bozeman During the Solar Storm

Over the past weekend, it’s likely that your social media feeds were aglow with aurora photos. If you weren’t lucky enough to get out and see it (here’s looking at me and the cloudy skies over my house) – or didn’t have any idea that the northern lights were even happening, Charles Stemen has a gorgeous set of aurora meets architecture photos for you to gaze on with wonderment!

SmallRig and Potato Jet Have Presented a New and Unconventional Tripod

Although this intriguing new tripod was designed with video creators in mind, it may also interest architectural photographers! This SmallRig x Potato Jet collaboration dubbed the “Tribex Hydraulic Carbon Fiber Tripod” stands out for its very fast and simple leg extension and leveling mechanism.

Go Villa Hopping With Photographer Olivier Dassance on a Private Island in Greece

We’re headed to sunny Vourvourou, Greece for today’s Project of the Week with architectural photographer Olivier Dassance. Olivier hails from Basque Country, working in France and abroad. Olivier’s tales from this shoot are so interesting – being stuck on a boat in the bay, racing an oncoming storm, and the complexities of working with onsite staff.

Exploring the Industrialness of American Vernacular Architecture With Tom Harris

A departure from the typical “professionally designed architecture” we often see here on Project of the Week, today we’re exploring a few American gems with one of APA’s favorite photographers, Tom Harris. Deeply rooted in the culture of a place, vernacular architecture is often function over form, but that doesn’t mean it’s void of charm.

Brian Berkowitz Photographs a Lux VIP Salon for Pandora in NYC

New York-based luxury architectural photographer Brian Berkowitz is back on the blog with another silky and sultry-looking Project of the Week. Just like his World Spa photographs, Brian’s latest project for Pandora’s VIP Salon designed by Laura Ramirez sports a warm, zen, lux feel!

“Everything Always Works Out” – Christopher Barrett Talks Flexibility and Quick Thinking on His Shoot at Western Michigan University

Today’s featured project takes us to Western Michigan University, where we’ll be checking out the work of Christopher Barrett. Christopher is a Chicago-based architectural photographer who sports over 25 years of experience! Throughout this project, you can expect to see emotive lighting, rich colors, and plenty of great details peppered in – from joggers to perfectly timed moonrises.

Visit An Epic Bouldering Gym With Architectural Photographer Adam Reynolds

Adam Reynolds is a wonderful photojournalist-turned-architectural-photographer based out of Indianapolis. Adam’s background in documentary photography is evident in his photographs of the built environment. When viewing his work, we feel as if we are actually there, soaking the moment in.

Over the Span of Two Years, Amanda Large of doublespace photography Documents Uno Prii’s Modernist Toronto Apartment Buildings

Uno Prii – an Estonian-Canadian architect – would have turned 100 this year. Known for his use of bold geometric forms, Prii designed many modernist apartment buildings across Toronto in the 1960s and ’70s. “This series features select images from ten of Uno Prii’s Toronto apartment buildings, just a small slice of his legacy,” explains Amanda Large of doublespace photography.

Infused With Light and Color, Vigo Jansons Masterfully Documents a Contemporary Office Designed by Gensler

Today’s featured project takes us to Edelman Modern Workspace by the famed firm Gensler. Showing us the way is London-based architectural photographer Vigo Jansons. Vigo has a bit to share about his shoot, kicking things off by sharing “It’s a 1900s warehouse in Westminster, London, transformed into a 21st-century dream workplace for the public relations company Edelman.

Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Mindset Hurdles for Artistic Freedom

I’m writing this because I believe there’s someone out there who needs these words just as much as I do—a reminder of the mindset needed to navigate the hurdles we face in our work. Many of us in creative industries grapple with the challenges of business, personal life, and seeking fulfillment.
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