The Licensing Guide


Like many photographers, when I first started working I had a limited understanding of the mysterious concept of licensing. Were photographers actually doing this? Were they getting paid multiple times to re-sell the same images over and over again? It almost seemed like an outdated concept more suited to the music industry than the photographic industry. As my career progressed, so too did my understanding of licensing and the importance of it to building and sustaining a successful career as a professional photographer.

I’ve made all the mistakes, learned from them, been taken advantage of, been ripped off, been stolen from, and so much more. And this guide is my way of helping you navigate the complexities (and simplicities, I promise!) of licensing your work as a professional photographer so that you are in control of your work and career.

This guide is required reading to any photographer who has ever:

  • Wanted to create more income by licensing their work
  • Been curious about how to get started licensing their photographs
  • Wondered how to price licensing arrangements for small local clients or huge international brands
  • Needed to protect their work and vision by ensuring it is properly used and credited
  • Architecture, interior, and real estate photographers who are approached to provide images for businesses other than the original commissioning client
  • Been ripped off, accidentally or intentionally, by unscrupulous actors who have taken and used photographs without permission in a commercial context

Over the course of my career I have licensed photographs to nearly every type of business that exists. I’ve licensed photos for as little as $100 and as much as $40,000. And I include the actual invoices, emails, and thought process that accompany those licensing deals. Consider this PDF a look into my business – there are many hard-won battles on full display, lessons I have learned from mistakes made, and new insights to maximizing the value of your photographs through licensing.

I am confident that any working photographer who purchases this guide will easily generate as much as they spent on it in license sales. The newfound skills and confidence you will gain in understanding licensing and correctly pricing your work will be immeasurable, and you’ll be able to tackle the next licensing situation in your career with aplomb.

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