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“Architects live and die by the images that are taken of their work, as these images alone are what most people see. For every person who visits a private house, there are maybe 10,000 who only view it as a photo.”

Julius Shulman

Architectural Photography Almanac (APA) was created as a hub for architectural photographers. We regularly feature members of the architectural photography community and their outstanding work in articles and interviews, discuss business strategies, share technique and equipment knowledge, and take a critical look at the craft of architectural photography.

Founded in 2018, the goal of APA is to serve as a resource for inspiration and empowerment of freelance architectural photographers all across the globe.

Affiliate disclosure: APA uses affiliate links to support the writers, pay for hosting, design, and everything else that is required to run this website. Some (but not all) links direct to our affiliate partners where we receive a small percentage of the sale as a commission. We ask that if you found an article helpful, you use an affiliate link to make a purchase to keep this website active. Thank you for your support!

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Meet the Writers

Mike Kelley

Owner / Founder

I'm a photographer based in Los Angeles, California who specializes in photographing architecture; I also have a mild airplane obsession.

Lexi Taciak


Howdy! I'm a Maryland-based photographer, retoucher, and writer. Here at APALMANAC, I curate Project of the Week and make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually catch me fishing or drinking a margarita.

Veeral Patel


I'm a Kiwi photographer living in Melbourne, Australia, photographing Interiors and Architecture. Obsessed with Petersen bricks as well as furniture pieces designed by Patrica Urquiola.

Aside from photographing architecture, I am a tragic MAMIL and a Campagnolo fanatic.

György Palkó


Based in Ajak, Hungary, I am a father, husband, and architectural photographer - these three "roles" fills my entire life. When I'm not with my family, you can find me photographing architecture, cheering for AC Milan (have been a fan since birth!) or out for a run.

Brandon Vogts

Staff Writer

Born and raised in suburban Kansas, I moved to Los Angeles in 2013, where I found my niche in architectural photography. Since then, I’ve specialized in photographing interiors and architecture.

Other passions include music, technology, and art. Sometimes I say hurtful things during Mario Kart, and I refuse to acknowledge messages written in Comic Sans.

Dane Alonso

Staff Writer

I lead a double life as an architect and architectural photographer based in Mexico City, a metropolis full of contrast. I periodically travel back to the tranquility of the Alps where I finished my architecture studies and met my life partner.

I'm interested in proportion systems, asymmetry and maps.

Justin Szeremeta

Staff Writer

I am a photographer based in Shanghai focusing on architecture and interiors. In my past life as an architect, I spent over a decade designing and delivering large-scale commercial architectural projects across China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

Together with my wife, Nicole, we operate StudioSZ Photo and travel throughout the Asia region for photography assignments.

Ramon Portelli

Staff Writer

Airline pilot turned photographer and retoucher. I shoot and edit architecture and interiors almost exclusively plus a few cat photos here and there.

Addicted to travel and eagerly awaiting my first post-COVID trip. I'm also a father and a husband.

Matthew Anderson

Staff Writer

Known by tens of people across the US, I'm a Kansas City-based architectural and interiors photographer. I think I take pretty decent photos, but my Mom thinks they're awesome!

Kyrre Sundal

Staff Writer

I’m an architect and architectural photographer living in Oslo, Norway. I work as an architect and partner at Mad arkitekter, and have used photography as a medium to study architecture since my days at Aarhus School of Architecture.

Shawn Talbot

Staff Writer

Shawn has spent the last 25 years working as a commercial photographer specializing in luxury hotels and resorts, architecture and aerial photography. To see more of his work visit www.ShawnTalbot.com or his Instagram @shawntalbotphotography

Brandon Marsh

Staff Writer

I'm a commercial photographer and educator out of Southwestern Ontario specializing in Architecture, Interiors, Food, Product, and Lifestyle advertising photography.

I'm not really a morning person but, sometimes I am forced to get up at ungodly hours to photograph stuff. I dig music, movies, tech, psychology, and long walks on the beach at sunset. In my local business community, I am known as "The guy with the neck tattoo."

Learn more at https://brandonmarshphoto.com

Albrecht Voss

Staff Writer

Albrecht is an architectural photographer, working in the industry since 2010. He holds a Hasselblad Master Photographer award and is a shortlisted European Architectural Photographer of the year. Albrecht's main passion is exploring modern architecture in the rough terrain of the European Alps.

Leslie Burns

Copyright Lawyer

After seeing how creatives got screwed so often in business, I decided I’d love to go to law school to protect them better. It took a while before I could make that happen, financially, but in 2008 I got offered a full scholarship and leapt at the chance. I loved law school. I passed the California bar on the first try and have been licensed and practicing in California since 2011.

I call myself a “bad buddhist” and you’ll see references to that in my work and writings here. Basically, it means I try to use respect, compassion, and a desire to resolve problems amicably whenever possible. However, when needed, I’m as tenacious as a badger. Think Carol Kane in Scrooged–sweet, but more than capable of going all lawyer-ninja on opponents.

A Midwesterner until my 30s, I now live in San Diego with my boyfriend (Tony), cat (Ruth Bader Catzburg), and Blue Heeler (Mongo Santamaria).

Max Artbovich

Staff Writer

Hi! I am an architectural photographer and videographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Many years ago, I finished my career in media and dove into the world of architectural photography. I love the feeling I get when I first meet interiors. It's like a Christmas box in which there is always something new.

Jędrzej Sokołowski

Staff Writer

I'm a documentary photographer based in Warsaw, Poland, specializing in architectural, interior and portrait photography. 
Among other things, I am involved in the digitisation and photographic documentation of artworks and exhibitions.

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