Exploring Contemporary Iranian Architecture With Navid Atrvash

This week’s featured project takes us on an exciting trip to the city of Sadra in Fars, Iran! Here, we’ll check out the Green Land Convention Center’s Café Gallery by architect Mehrdad Iravanian and photographed by our new friend, architectural photographer Navid Atrvash.

Justin Van Leeuwen’s Discerning Eye Brings Out The Subtleties in a Canadian Renovation

This week’s featured project is courtesy of Ottawa based architectural photographer Justin Van Leeuwen. His photographs of Ossington House document a custom home renovation by Sheshko Construction and Colizza Bruni. I was introduced to JVL’s work by Barry Mackenzie, and know that you guys are going to love the crisp colors and gorgeous light that Justin harnesses in this project!

Catalin Marin Shares His Process Photographing NYU’s Abu Dhabi Campus

This week’s featured project hails all the way from Abu Dhabi by Dubai based architectural photographer Catalin Marin. Catalin shares his work of the Abu Dhabi New York University campus and was kind enough to tell us a bit about the unique architecture as well as his approach to photographing the University.Catalin

Documenting The Crossroad of Old and New Architecture with Tess Kelly

My newest architectural photography crush is on the lovely Tess Kelly. Tess photographs architecture, interiors, and still life all across the globe, but calls Melbourne home. Her work has a gorgeous style that is dripping with great coloration, contrast, and light.

Tom Harris’ Serendipitous Shoot Leads To An Iconic Series Of The Eleanor Boathouse

Mike and I were recently talking about the modern greats of architectural photography, which naturally left us drooling over Tom Harris and his rockstar portfolio. Our mutual favorite (so much so that Mike even scored an autographed print of it) is Tom’s series on Eleanor Boathouse by Studio Gang.What

A Lesson In Intention: Photographing Architecture On Film With Simone Bossi

Bouncing between Paris, Milan, and Copenhagen, globally revered photographer Simone Bossi shoots film as an exercise in slowing things down. As photographers in a digital era, it is easy to overcomplicate things, firing off a myriad of brackets, adding lights, putting up nets and screwing on filters, luminosity masking with plug ins, and on and on.

Making ‘Naturally Refined’ Images With Victoria Based Photographer Mike Baker

Aussie photographer Mike Baker is known for his incredibly bold and lively product, advertising, and corporate photo work. He brings a dash of this punch and cleanliness to his architectural work, but does it in a more subdued way. His images of Courtyard House for Life Spaces group is a great example of his approach to architecture and interiors, so let’s check it out!

Peter Clarke Gets Dark and Moody in the Land Down Under

Welcome aboard this week’s featured project with photographer Peter Clarke and the incredible home, Casa X by Branch Studio. Peter and Casa X both reside in Australia, the land of great architecture, so you’re in for a treat! What is most noteworthy about this project though, is how Peter documented the space with such drama and mood while still observing the unspoken “rules” of architectural photography.

Peter Marko Plays with Light, Shadow, and Color in the Australian Sun

Ahh, Victoria, Australia; that’s where we’ll find The Malvern Residence by Ari Alexander / Doherty Design Studio. The Malvern Residence is a gorgeous house, riddled with repetitive lines and simple but luxurious feeling finishes. Showing us around this beauty is photographer Peter Marko.

Deep in a Mexican Forest, Rafael Gamo Photographs a Contemporary Beauty

Buckle up because photographer Rafael Gamo is taking us to Mexico for this week’s featured project. Situated smack dab in the middle of the Tlalpuente Forest of southern Mexico City, we’ll find the Tlalpuente house by PPAA Architects. According to PPAA, the house has no neighbors and was built to capitalize on the 360-degree view of the trees and landscape encircling it.

Dave Burk Shows Off the Renovation of an Architectural Gem

Now that this Project of the Week has made its debut with Dwell, we can introduce this gem to you! Behold, The Netsch Residence, built in 1974 by renowned architect Walter Netsch, and freshly remodeled by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. This spirited and complex space was photographed by the wonderful architectural photographer, Dave Burk, our featured photographer this week.

Inside San Diego’s Brunch Mecca Morning Glory with Zack Benson

This is probably the hippest thing I’ll ever say in my life, but if you’re into the San Diego brunch scene AND an architectural photographer, this Project of the Week by Zack Benson is your Holy Grail. In San Diego’s Little Italy sits Consortium Holdings’ Morning Glory built and designed by BASILE Studio.

Katherine Lu Photographs a Zinc Clad House on the Tomaga River

It’s been more than 5 seconds since we’ve gushed over another stellar piece of Australian architecture, so Dragon Skin House by Dunn & Hillam in New South Wales is a timely treat for Project of the Week! Our featured photographer this week is the amazing Sydney based Katherine Lu.

Quiet Scandinavian Interiors Photographed by Marcus Stork

I came across Marcus Stork on Instagram and was immediately drawn in by the quality of light and depth of his compositions. Marcus’ photographs have a delicate and quiet air about them and include that effortless Scandinavian styling that is just so beautiful to look at.

Megan Lorenz Shapes Gorgeous Light In A St. Louis Apartment

On this fine episode of Project of the Week, we’re headed to St. Louis with the lovely architectural photographer Megan Lorenz. Megan’s entire body of work has a clean yet tactile feeling about it, and every image is sublimely lit. This particular project — Park East for interior designer Jacob Laws — is no exception!

Photographing a Home on the Shore of Lac St-François With Adrien Williams

This week’s featured project takes us to the shores of Lac St-François in Adstock, Canada, where we’ll find L’Accostée House by Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architects. L’Accostée House is a large, beautiful home with strong contemporary shapes that are softened by warm and organic wooden building materials.
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