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Learn From Industry Leaders

Leading architecture photographers will share insights about their craft, offer their perspectives, and lead engaging talks designed to inspire.

Make Connections

You’ll meet people from all over the world. Our students travel from Sweden, Japan, Hungary, Australia, Italy, France, Mexico and the United states. And many of them keep in touch afterward! In many cases, these professional networks become the cornerstones of a career. This is a very independent path, and architecture photographers benefit from developing relationships and forming friendships with people in the same boat.

Broaden Your Horizons

When you join one of our workshops, you’ll likely be visiting a new place. Let us be your guide. We curate our workshops and integrate local experiences into each program—from talking business in a relaxing sauna in Finland, documenting architectural marvels in Italy, or learning how California wine is made in between lighting set-ups from the best in the business.

Sharpen Your Skills

Our instructors have seen, done, and shot it all. If there are any technical challenges you’re facing, there’s a good chance they have the solution. They’ll be happy to help you figure it out—and they’ve known to share their favorite tips and tricks while on set. 

Seek Inspiration

Every creative person falls into a rut. Our challenges and exercises can help you breakthrough to the other side, refreshed and ready for your next project. And if you’re looking to understand your craft on a deeper level, we can help with that, too, encouraging new ways to think about composition, editing, and client communication. These high-caliber discussions are life changing. Seriously.

Grow Your Business

No matter your level of experience or number of years in the business, our instructors are ready and willing to share their knowledge on topics like copyright, gaining new clients, licensing, pricing, and more.

Past Workshops

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