Putting the Leofoto LM-324CL Tripod Through Its Paces

Putting the Leofoto LM-324CL Tripod Through Its Paces

A tripod can serve as support for both the camera and the photographer who is exhausted after a long photo session. It can also be a declaration of the photographer’s presence, expressing their intention to capture their subject. During documentary projects, I have consciously used a large format analog camera placed on a tripod, which drew the attention of passersby and became a pretext for conversation, facilitating the establishment of contact with people I wanted to photograph, for example, to take their portraits.

The Best Gloves For Architectural Photographers

Have you ever had freezing hands during a photoshoot or drone flight? Look no further, as today I present you the best winter glove for photographers.

One More Geared Head? APALMANAC Reviews the Leofoto G4

For some time now, I’ve been convinced that a better tripod or tripod head doesn’t make me a better photographer or improve my photographs in any way. That being said, it definitely makes my life easier and more satisfying instead of difficult. That’s why as a professional architecture photographer I always use carbon tripods from Gitzo with heads and accessories from: Arca Swiss, Really Right Stuff and Sunwayfoto. 

How Does Laowa’s 20mm Lens Stack Up Against the Canon 24mm TSE?

If you’re into architectural photography, my guess is that you already know about the abilities of tilt-shift lenses. Canon has been on the forefront of this domain for years. More recently Laowa has started to offer an alternative. Now they have both a 15mm and a 20mm option.

How Do I Carry All My Photo, Climbing, and Camping Gear for Multi-Day Photo Excursions Shooting Alpine Architecture? – The Lowepro PhotoSport Backpack Pro 70L AW III

Hikes through the Alps are my favorite excursions, in search of new architecture to photograph. Here I have to work out my pictures. For these photo shoots, I usually stay one night on location. This way I reserve the time with the most beautiful light for photography: late afternoon, blue hour, and early morning.

The Mavic You Can Actually Afford: Introducing the New DJI Mavic 3 Classic

DJI released the Mavic 3 back in November of 2021.  This next iteration of their flagship drone brought with it a ton of upgrades users had been eagerly waiting for since its predecessor, the Mavic 2 had been released three years prior.   We wrote a series of articles about this much-anticipated release, including two fantastic deep dives by my fellow APA writer György Palkó that you can find here and here.

A CRM Built by Photographers for Photographers

Disclaimer: I loved Sprout Studio so much that I became an ambassador for the brand back in 2020. While I do receive a commission for new users signing up, this application has been a staple in my business since 2015. For anyone interested in trying out the program, please know your support is greatly appreciated and I am here to help if you have any questions.

Leofoto LH-40GR Geared Head vs Sunwayfoto GH-PRO II

I know for an architectural photographer, the use of a tripod is assumed to be mandatory. It seems like we have our cameras firmly glued to our tripod heads. However, I have to confess that, especially for outdoor shots of buildings, I find the freedom of shooting handheld really liberating.

3 Reasons Photographers Need a Camera Cage

Camera Cages are just for videographers, right? In this review I am going to show you why I love a cage for my hybrid work between architectural photography and videography.  From day one I put my Canon R5 into a camera cage and only let it out of there for trips with the family, where I want to carry minimal equipment.

DJI Mavic 3 – Is It Worth the Price?

The first DJI Mavic Pro was announced in September 2016 and released in late 2016. The small size and the foldable design made me absolutely love it. I used the Mavic Pro for 2 years, and I was very pleased by its capabilities. I even won an architectural photography contest here in Hungary with an image created using that drone.

How Well Do Canon TS-E Lenses Perform on a Fujifilm GFX 100s Body?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard about the beyond full-frame Fujifilm GFX 100s. Before making the hefty purchase, you might be wondering how your TS-E lenses would perform on the GFX. I’ll be giving you a good look into how the 100s and TS-E combo works together.

Extenders in Architectural Photography: Are “Budget” Tilt-Shift Lenses Worth a Try?

Tilt-shift lenses are great. However, getting two or three of them at the same time comes at a high price.This post summarizes my experience with Canon extenders and tilt-shift lenses, their performance (a 2x on a 24mm tilt-shift, you say?) and why using them has been crucial in developing my personal vision and deciding which lens to acquire next.

Convert Your Manfrotto 405/410 Geared Heads to an Arca Mount: F63 Clamp Review

When it comes to geared tripod heads, the more popular options on the market are from Manfrotto. The Manfrotto 410 and 405 heads are go-to options for many architectural photographers, mostly due to them being great value for their price. Even I started with the 410 and then moved onto the 405 head, and personally love the heads I currently have.

APALMANAC Reviews the Sunwayfoto GH-PRO II (Versus the Manfrotto 405 Geared Head)

One of the key bits of equipment an architectural photographer is pretty much required to have, is a good geared tripod head. I would say it’s pretty difficult to photograph architecture without having one of these. For many architectural photographers, including myself, our first geared tripod heads are probably one of the two options available from Manfrotto.

How To Remove Yourself From a Mirror In a Photograph With an “Invisible” Camera

Many of us architectural photographers are no strangers to a good tilt-shift lens. We probably even have a favorite that we use regularly for most of our shoots. My personal favorite is the Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 II. Although I don’t shoot with it as much as I do the 45mm, I still prefer the 24mm over the other tilt-shift lenses.

Which Architectural Photography Tutorial Should You Buy?

With countries dishing out mandatory quarantines and work grinding to a halt, most of us photographers have found ourselves with quite a bit of downtime. If you’re sick of watching Tiger King and doing puzzles, now would be a great time to kick back, turn on a tutorial or two, and pick up some new skills.
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