Architectural Photography in Austin – Casey Dunn Discusses His Philosophy and Career

Architectural Photography in Austin – Casey Dunn Discusses His Philosophy and Career

Regrettably, this interview was conducted almost one year ago with the plan to do a ‘part two’ but life and work have been so insanely busy for both Casey and myself that it just never happened. So before another year goes by, I figured I better at least get this part of the interview posted and hopefully in the future, we can do a second part.

Arch Photo Pod’s Season 1 Comes to a Close — Catch These Inspiring Interviews With Photographers Brian Berkowitz and Garett Buell

A few weeks ago we shared a bit about Jordan Power’s architectural photography podcast Arch Photo Pod, a limited series of interviews with folks from the architectural photography community. Since our post, Jordan has released the last two episodes — episode 7 with APA Project of the Week veteran and luxury retail photographer Brian Berkowitz, and more recently episode 8 with Garett Buell who has shared such great insight with APA readers in the past with his tiny house Project of the Week, and contributions to the massive You Should Be Charging Licensing Fees for Publication Use of Your Images article.

Get to Know the Lives and Businesses of Your Fellow Photographers in Jordan Powers’s New Podcast

Looking for something to keep you company on your long editing days or drive to your next shoot? Jordan Powers has released a new architectural photography geared podcast called Arch Photo Pod. In Arch Photo Pod, Jordan sits down with other architectural and interior photographers on his travels and chats a bit about their backgrounds, their businesses, and lives.

Setting the Barré: Talking Hospitality Photography with Brandon Barré

When it comes to capturing bold, dramatic, luminous architectural images, Brandon Barré is in a league of his own. Known for photographing some of the swankiest projects on Earth, Brandon doesn’t just rely on fancy spaces to create his incredible photographs; his perfect composition, dramatic lighting and meticulous staging and attention to detail results in images that we can all draw inspiration from.

30 Years of Architectural Photography With Duccio Malagamba

Architectural photographer Duccio Malagamba has been photographing the built world for over 30 years. In his 30 years of professional work, Duccio has collaborated with an impressive client list like Alvaro Siza, Herzog & de Meuron, and Rafael Moneo.

Interior Design Photography in Philadelphia – Brian Wetzel Dives Deep Into His Process

When I set out to do these video interviews, this was the kind of conversation that I was hoping for – one to two hours absolutely jam-packed with knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, idea sharing and stories. This conversation was such a pleasure for me and I am so grateful to Brian Wetzel for his willingness to share as openly and as generously as he did.

György Palkó & I Talk Business, Personal Projects, and Workflow in Our Latest Interview

György Palkó is an architectural photographer based in Hungary. He has recently published his own book about architecture in Budapest 2000-2020. György is also a staff writer here at APA. So enjoy this interview where he and I get into how he started out, how his business has grown, his favorite buildings, and much, much more.

Perfecting Imperfection – Meet Photographer and Architectural Retoucher Anton Ivanov

The longer you look at Anton Ivanov’s work, the more things you’ll find to love. Full of life, restraint, mood, and character, each photograph is perfectly imperfect. The same can be said about Anton’s career. A short-lived stint in wedding photography because of his shyness actually allowed him to blossom as an architectural photographer.

Architectural Photography and NFTs – a Revised, Bold New World With Intention

In the summer of 2022, a lot of buzz and hype was created around AI visual generator tools that would allow enthusiasts to create images simply by describing them with keywords. Artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI conducted a wide-scale beta test of DALL-E, a cutting-edge software that creates images from textual descriptions (APA writer Kyrre Sundal shows a great example of its functionality here).

Meet Swedish Architectural Photographer Anders Bobert

Kyrre: Hi Anders! How are you?  Anders: Hi Kyrre. I’m just fine thank you. How are you? Kyrre: I’m good, thank you! I’ve been following your work for some time now, and I’m impressed by it! What’s your background and how did you get into architectural photography?

Talking Hospitality Photography With Jiri Lizler

Jiri Lizler is based in The Czech Republic and specializes in hospitality photography. We connected recently via email for this interview. Shawn:  Jiri, thank you very much for answering these questions for the readers of APAlmanac. Normally I would want to sit down and have this conversation in-person or over Zoom but my Czech is velmi špatný so I think we are both better off doing it this way.

Shawn Talbot Interviews Dylan Patrick About His Career as an Architecture, Hospitality, and Aviation Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Los Angeles-based architecture, hospitality, and aviation photographer Dylan Patrick. In this video interview we talked about Dylan’s move from NYC to LA, his transition from a headshot photographer to architecture, his shooting and editing process, his pricing and contracts, and his work in the hospitality field.

Get to Know Joe Fletcher on The Second Studio Podcast

Joe Fletcher is arguably one of the most admired architectural photographers, and – rightfully so – his work is held in high regard. His photographs are mesmerizing – infused with a sense of place and time, thoughtfully composed, and beautifully lit.

Meet Ukrainian Architectural Photography Retoucher Dmitry Provalov

Today I’d like you to meet architectural photography retoucher Dmitry Provalov. Dmitry is based in Ukraine, and despite being in the midst of a war that threatens his livelihood, his safety, and his way of life, Dmitry works on. Not only does he have a wife and a daughter to support, but Dmitry employs other retouchers from around Kiyv, spreading the income and workload around.

Meet Architect-Turned-Photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj

If you’ve seen photographs of Scandanavian architecture, you’ve seen the work of architect turned photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj. I met Rasmus early in his career when we collaborated on a master plan in Oslo, Norway. It all started with his pictures of the Maritime Museum by BIG, and now he is a doctor and a go-to photographer in Denmark and abroad.

Hall, Merrick, and McCaugherty on the Craft and Business of Architectural Photography

Nick Merrick and Steve Hall have been photographing architecture longer than most readers of this blog have been alive (myself included). When you think of some of the most important architectural projects of the last 100 years, Merrick and Hall have probably been there, creating photographs to share the stories of these projects with the world.

Meet Austria Based CGI Artist and Architectural Photographer Christian Pichlkastner

Meet Vienna’s Christian Pichlkastner – a man who wears many hats. Christian studied as an industrial designer and interior designer. He became a talented CGI artist and is now also an architectural photographer. His expansive knowledge of all of these fields makes him such an interesting person to talk with.
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