Shanghai Undressed – Exposing the Mega-City’s Skyscrapers in Their Natural Habitat

Shanghai Undressed – Exposing the Mega-City’s Skyscrapers in Their Natural Habitat

Shanghai is known for its glitz and glamor – a showpiece city exemplifying China’s thriving economy and emergence as a global superpower.  Its iconic skyline defines the city internationally and, compared to some of its ancient counterparts, many of which have rich histories dating back thousands of years, Shanghai is a Chinese city that is sometimes thought of as having little history at all. 

Ever Wanted To Take Vertical Photos With Your Drone? Here’s The Work-Around!

Being a newcomer to drone photography, I was quite upset to know that my Mavic 2 Pro was not able to snap vertical photographs right off the bat. Luckily the workaround for the situation is a rather simple one, and one already known by most photographers — creating a vertical panorama.

The Story of an Image – Woods Bagot’s Guohua Financial Center in Chongqing

The second installment of my recently created Story of an Image series takes us to the western Chinese city of Chongqing – a massive, uninhibited metropolis that most people outside China may not have even heard of.  While my previous article took you through my thought process for a non-commissioned portfolio capture, this time we’re on the clock working for global design firm, Woods Bagot, tasked with photographing both the exterior as well as the interior public areas of their Guohua International Financial Center project. 

Elevation – How Drones Will Change Cities – A Documentary by Dezeen

While I continue to wait (now, somewhat impatiently) for DJI to release the latest edition of their Mavic Pro series, I thought I’d share a video Dezeen produced about the impact drones will have (or perhaps already are having) on our lives and the way we relate to each other across space and the cities we live in. 

Post-Production From Start To Finish: My Workflow on Location

When I wrote the first part of this series, I intended to only talk about post-production, but the way I tend to photograph projects affects a lot of my post-production techniques. I’m the guy who likes to shoot as many angels as I found interesting enough to photograph, which ends up being a selection nightmare as I sit in front of the computer.

Quarantine Challenge: Rendering One of My Own Photographs

Have you ever had a client ask you to take a photo that looks like a previously made render? I bet that most of us architectural photographers have been confronted with this (at times impossible) task. As a result of quarantine boredom, an interesting thought occurred to me: What if I were to invert this process, trying to replicate one of my actual photographs using a rendering program?

Portfolio Tips Through the Eyes of an Architect – Courtesy of BlessedArch

Recently I came across a portfolio review video from Rishabh Wadhwa’s YouTube channel, BlessedArch.  Together with Mariana Cabugueira Custodio dos Santos, a Portuguese architect working for Zaha Hadid Architects in London, they review and critique architectural portfolios. 

Creating a Postcard Portfolio

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a portfolio? Normally I would think of a digital portfolio or — if budget allows — a printed book. However, during the quarantine, I made some test prints that were accidentally about the size of a postcard.

Breaking Down Printing Concepts with Mitch Boyer from Nice Art Prints

This is a shootout to the Nice Art Prints Youtube channel by Mitch Boyer. Unfortunately, I just discovered that the channel has not been updated since July 2020 due to business closure. However, it stands as one of the best resources out there for people interested in knowing more about printing.

Mike Kelley and Tom Harris Discuss The Business and Art of Architectural Photography

Tom Harris is an incredibly talented and charmingly down-to-earth friend of mine who has worked for some of the most esteemed architectural firms in the United States documenting architecture across the country. He was kind enough to sit down with me for an hour and chat about his background and his process.

Getting Published – A Conversation Between Taran Wilkhu and Nick Compton (Wallpaper*)

A few months ago I had interviewed Taran Wilkhu, an architectural photographer from London. In late November, he was part of a discussion with Nick Compton, the Senior Editor at Wallpaper* Magazine. The talk was hosted by Design District London. Whether you are a photographer, architect, or interior designer, we all have this innate desire to see our works in print.

Capture One 21: Big Update?

When it comes to RAW photo editing software there are two major players: Lightroom and Capture One. I am always open to learning new software and I have tried to transport my whole editing process from Lr to C1 a couple of times before. C1s latest upgrade had a lot of marketing around it, so I decided to check the new features.

Filmmaker Hao Chen Brings Us the Sights and Sounds of the Breathtaking Alila Yangshuo

What do you get when you bring together a hotel brand known for producing design excellence to traditionally less-traveled locales, a gorgeous, geographically-unique location, and an architecture firm known for designing some of the most extraordinary cultural buildings in the world’s most populous country? 

The Story of an Image – SOM’s Sinar Mas Plaza in Shanghai

As I continue to mature as a photographer, I am finding that I learn most from fellow peers who share a more in-depth analysis about a single image – taking us through their thought process in how they constructed the image and why they chose a certain composition or a particular way to light the scene.

Tim’s Vermeer: ​​A Documentary on how to Paint as Accurate as a Camera

Previously I shared a video about six artists to study for architectural photography. Johannes Vermeer, the 17th-century Dutch master, was at the top of that list. More recently I watched “Tim’s Vermeer”, a documentary about one peculiar academic of Vermeer’s work.
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