Pictures That Move: An In-depth Look At Making Films About Architecture

Pictures That Move: An In-depth Look At Making Films About Architecture

Architecture and the moving image, and of course photography and the moving image, have a long, intertwined history. By the turn of the 19th Century, the technology that the early photography pioneers were still experimenting with had progressed to the point at which they could record a series of stills in an incredibly short amount of time, and play them back to animate the sequence.

Archiporn – Is Social Media Killing Architecture?

Representation of architecture in social media is becoming more and more prevalent, as there is a trend where an architect or interior designer will design a space that will be more Instagrammble in the pursuit of getting likes. In this episode of Archimarathon, hosts Kevin Hui and Andrew Maynard both discuss how projects are now represented solely through the hero image rather than through architectural drawings in social media. 

Beautified China – Kris Provoost Celebrates the Architectural Ambition of a Nation

In his recently published book, Beautified China:  The Architectural Revolution, Belgian photographer Kris Provoost carefully curates dozens of the nation’s most spectacular architectural wonders.  Focused on showcasing iconic projects dating back to the lead-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the book is a photo essay providing an abstracted, stylized glimpse into some of the China’s boldest, most dynamic buildings that collectively make up what Provoost dubs ‘the architectural revolution.’  

Extraordinary Black Architects To Learn About

From the stairs that Rocky Balboa ran in his training montage, to homes of Hollywood celebrities, to some of the most iconic public projects in the world, Black and African American architects have designed many of the architectural icons and integral buildings that we see and use every day.

A Documentary Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architecture in Los Angeles

Architecturally, speaking Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) is a name that resonates with most people and perhaps it is due to his one of his many notable projects the iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York. He had started his architectural practice in the suburb of Oak Park in Chicago, specialising in the design of prairie styled homes. 

Good News From Central Europe: Business Is Beginning to Come Back

I hope everyone has been able to stay healthy through these past few months and that you’re looking forward to working again. Over the last few weeks, as restrictions have been relaxed here in Hungary, it feels wonderful to be able to get out and shoot, even if precautions and distancing have kept things a little bit different than normal.

Don’t Miss It: ZoomedIn Finale, Q+A With Top Architecture Photographers

As the first ever ZoomedIn Festival draws to a close on Friday, APAlmanac has teamed up with the ZoomedIn crew to produce one final event: An ‘Ask Me Anything’ with all of the photographers who took part in the festival which is free for anyone to attend.


That’s more or less the title of a YouTube video I did with Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto DOT COM! I know, I know, Jared and I probably couldn’t be on further ends of the personality spectrum with his outgoing rambunctious videos vs my somewhat quiet and reserved personality but the end result is a pretty great educational video for someone just getting started in architectural photography (or someone who wants to watch Jared get very politely shredded!)

The Best Architecture Photography Instagram Accounts To Follow

Most of us are loafing around on our phones more than ever due to COVID-19, myself included. I’ve always thought it would be fun to put together a list of the best architecture photography instagram accounts to follow, so today the inspiration struck and I’ve decided to put everything in one easy list for you to check out.

A Rare Glimpse Into Santiago Calatrava’s Creative Process With Alexandra Liveris

Recently, I discovered a short film called Private View: Santiago Calatrava by New York-based filmmaker Alexandra Liveris, which affords a rare glimpse into the mind behind some of the world’s most famous pieces of architecture. Earlier this year when I had interviewed Art Sanchez, part of the conversation was focused around the second half of his business: videography.

Why I Haven’t Worked in Four Months (And Why I’m Getting Back Surgery)

For the last decade, I’ve been dealing with varying levels of on-again, off-again back pain and the associated frustrations that come along with it. From almost non-existent to “I literally can’t even get out of bed,” the pain has been with me in some form daily, affecting work, relationships, and so much more.

Three Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Professional Architectural Photographer

In a previous article, I discussed five mistakes that beginner architectural photographers tend to make. Since then I thought about how I’ve obviously made mistakes since then and although they may not be relatable to beginners there are still lessons one can draw from them.

How Do You Pronounce APAlmanac? Do We Have a Conundrum Here?

I was recently talking to my mother and she said she was enjoying the blog – what was it called? Apple-maniac? Damnit, mom! And she’s not alone – I’ve had a few people bring it up in conversation, so I want to pose a couple questions to our excellent readership and settle the most important debate of our time.

Understanding Architecture: What Makes a Beautiful City?

As architecture photographers, it is our job to have a solid understanding of architecture. I recently taught a workshop to a group of aspiring photographers and when I asked “who is familiar with the work of Richard Meier? Zaha Hadid?” a shockingly low number of hands went up – which tells me we have a problem here!

Finally, the Perfect Podcast for Architectural Photographers

On edit days when I’m glued to my desk, unable to sit in silence, I cruise through entire discographies of music by the bushel. In an attempt to harness the time I’m sitting still, and actually learn something, I’ve turned to podcasts. It seems though, that there’s an endless amount of things to do at my desk and a finite amount of genuinely good content to consume.

Claudia Barral’s Introspective Architectural Short Film “Places,” Inspired by a Comic

Late last year, I was in Auckland, New Zealand, visiting a few architectural firms as I was interested in exploring opportunities across the Tasman. One of the firms, Patterson Associates, had been on top of my list because of their incredible residential projects located in some of the most picturesque coastal locations in the country.
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