‘You Who Look’ – A James Turrell short Documentary on Light and Perception

‘You Who Look’ – A James Turrell short Documentary on Light and Perception

Architecture Commentary

James Turrell is an American artist recognized for his work with light and space. This LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) produced documentary shares his personal background and experiments with light as a medium that creates spaces and alters perception. It also gives a short virtual tour of his works, from small rooms called Skyspaces to the ongoing project of a naked-eye observatory within an extinct volcano; Roden Crater.

Find more about his work in the video below.

I’ve had the chance to visit some of Turrell’s work, it is an exemplary synthesis of light and architecture. Without a doubt, my favorite installations are the ones with openings towards the sky…even better if they are located in a natural environment. These connections to the natural world, in conjunction with one’s perception, transform Turrell’s installations into truly emotional and unique spaces.

Have you ever visited any of James Turrell’s spaces? Let me know your thoughts and experience!

I lead a double life as an architect and architectural photographer based in Mexico City, a metropolis full of contrast. I'm interested in proportion systems, asymmetry and maps.
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