ArcDog Blends Motion and Stills to Document Zumthor’s ‘Shelter For Ruman Ruins’

ArcDog Blends Motion and Stills to Document Zumthor’s ‘Shelter For Ruman Ruins’


One of my first posts featured my visit to one of the first projects ever built by Peter Zumthor: The Shelter for Roman Ruins in Chur, Switzerland. Recently, the Youtube algorithm redirected me to an ArcDog’s video featuring an architectural film of the same project. Although I have not yet created videos, I notice the appeal of them as a media that reinforces the narrative of a project. In a short span, this video features and focuses on most of the aspects I describe in my post, and even more!

I am especially fond of the muted tones and the fact that the videos from ArcDog are composed of — almost—still frames complemented with subtle features such a small element in movement, reflections, and sounds. I feel like these kinds of shots are especially effective when the architecture, details, and environment speak for themselves. At least they do work when the projects are handpicked like the one below:

If you enjoyed the video head over to ArcDog’s channel to check out other similar videos featuring (mostly) Swiss architecture. A few clicks further I found out that ArcDog describes itself as a “professional social network for architects.” You can also check their website and Instagram for more information.

Which are your favorite architectural video makers? Let us know in the comments below!

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