Finally, the Perfect Podcast for Architectural Photographers

On edit days when I’m glued to my desk, unable to sit in silence, I cruise through entire discographies of music by the bushel. In an attempt to harness the time I’m sitting still, and actually learn something, I’ve turned to podcasts. It seems though, that there’s an endless amount of things to do at my desk and a finite amount of genuinely good content to consume.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Professional Photography

For the last four or five years, I have tried to produce one annual workshop for aspiring architecture and interior photographers. While I hope that they are technically helpful and the students come away with new skills and knowledge, one thing that I’ve noticed is that every year each workshop inevitably transforms into a session of group therapy for all involved.

RSS Feed Now Available On APAlmanac

We have received dozens of emails requesting this feature and I am happy to report that it has been enabled on our website. Check out the footer (scroll all the way down) to subscribe to the RSS feed and add APA to your Feedly, Inoreader, or other RSS news app of your choice.

Understanding Architecture by Learning From The Pros: Archtober 2019 Kicks Off in NYC

The first of October marks the start of Archtober which is a festival celebrating architecture and design organised by the Centre for Architecture. In its ninth year running, this year’s Archtober festival in collaboration with over 80 partners across NYC’s five boroughs are hosting a range of events from building of the day walking tours, workplace Wednesday tours, lectures, film screenings, architecture themed competitions and parties.

Thinking Beyond Beautiful Imagery: The Architectural Photographer’s Role in Documenting a Changing Urban Landscape

At the start of 2019, one of my goals was to understand the nuances of architecture. More specifically, to understand the social issues around architecture in the urban environment. As a photographer who has been photographing architecture and interiors for a few years, I have been absorbed by the prettiness of my chosen discipline yet unaware of the social implications of architecture.

In-Depth Critique Of Professional Architecture Photography

A few weeks ago I met up with the guys from Fstoppers and we released a ‘Critique The Community‘ video focusing on real estate and some architecture photography. For that video, Fstoppers readers submitted images and Patrick Hall and myself sat down and rated them.

I Didn’t Brush My Hair Before Critiquing These Photos, but The Content’s Still Valuable

I recently teamed up with Patrick Hall from Fstoppers to critique some real estate and architecture images for the once-a-year critique I do with them. These images are submitted by the Fstoppers community and while we focused on and asked for people to submit real estate-based images, I still think that this critique is valuable if your primary interest is in architecture and interiors photography.

Should You Use Artificial Light for Architectural Photography?

Yes, no, maybe so! There are so many specific use cases and I get asked nearly daily. "Why did your style change?" "Did you use lights on this?" "Wow I love this natural style you're using nowadays" "Why don't you shoot like you used to?"

Architectural Photographer Heather Conley on Shooting Around Weather

In a contrasting approach to my post about intentionally shooting during bad weather, photographer Heather Conley delivers a great vlog-style narrative video discussing her approach to selecting a shoot day based on weather. Heather is a successful architectural photographer based in Connecticut who has worked for a wide range of clients photographing a variety of project types.

How I Photographed This Contemporary Home in the Hungarian Countryside

My name is György Palko, and I’m an architectural photographer based in Hungary. For my first post on APA, I’m going to share how I edited one of my favorite twilight images. To perfect this image, I used a wide range of techniques including exposure blending, color correction, cloning and sky replacement.

How And Why We Curate Project of the Week

Project of the Week has been a staple of Architectural Photography Almanac since the beginning, so we thought it was time to let you in on the process. How do we choose the projects to share with you? Where do we find them? Why does any of this even matter?

Do You “Get” Architecture? If Not, The B1M May Help a Little

In order to be a great architecture photographer, one must, well, understand architecture. One of my favorite high-quality resources on the web that has helped me understand our subject matter better is Youtube channel “The B1M,” which bills itself as the definitive channel for construction – and there is plenty of interesting architecture talk to be found there as well.
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