PiXimperfect’s Take on Luminosity Masking With Lumenzia

PiXimperfect’s Take on Luminosity Masking With Lumenzia

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When it comes to Photoshop tutorials and luminosity masking software I have two clear favorites: Unmesh Dinda and Lumenzia. It was a no-brainer to share this PiXimperfect video featuring an extensive review of Lumenzia.

Unmesh’s teachings are extensive and clear. This allows you to easily transport the techniques learned into your architectural photography workflow. Take Rob’s post on finding the right color across your photo for example. Another great tip I “translated” to my workflow from PiXimperfect’s videos is using the dust and scratches noise adjustment to clean up surfaces.

So without further ado. Check out PiXimperfect’s take on Lumenzia:

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I lead a double life as an architect and architectural photographer based in Mexico City, a metropolis full of contrast. I'm interested in proportion systems, asymmetry and maps.
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