Exploring the Dynamics Between Landscape and Architecture With Bas Princen

Exploring the Dynamics Between Landscape and Architecture With Bas Princen

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What are the elements that build a photographer’s personal vision? In this lecture Dutch artist and photographer Bas Princen shares his thoughts on how experiences, previous photographs, text and visual references converge into one final image.

Bas Princen’s work has a special emphasis on urban landscapes and the transformations they undergo throughout time. Although recognized for his architectural photography, Princen refers to himself as a photographer of landscapes:

“I think I photograph landscape with objects in it, and sometimes this object is architecture. It’s always the relation of the object and the landscape…” 

Bas Princen (during Arch+ features 51)

His unique and beautiful work is the kind that forces you to stop and think. What the object being depicted is, where it is located, what is happening and when?

It is truly inspiring to hear first hand about the story and creative process behind “the construction of an image” which is an entire book about one single image: a pristine golden building complementing a continuous horizon. Learn a bit more about Bas Princen and his process in the video above!

ARCH+ is a German magazine and platform that has over 50 years promoting periodical discourses on architecture, urbanism and related fields. You can watch the full lecture ARCH+ features 51 “Incidental Space” with architect Christian Kerez and Bas Princen in ARCH+ Vimeo feed.

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