How Do You Pronounce APAlmanac? Do We Have a Conundrum Here?

How Do You Pronounce APAlmanac? Do We Have a Conundrum Here?


I was recently talking to my mother and she said she was enjoying the blog – what was it called? Apple-maniac? Damnit, mom! And she’s not alone – I’ve had a few people bring it up in conversation, so I want to pose a couple questions to our excellent readership and settle the most important debate of our time.

The intended pronunciation was ‘A P Almanac’ as in ‘A.P. Almanac. Short for architectural photography – almanac. Kinda rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?

But in the past few weeks, I have heard tens of differing pronunciations. I was attending the PFRE conference in Vegas and while everyone was psyched to read the blog and generally enjoyed it, there was mass confusion over pronunciation.




Apple almanac (what?)

But I also realize that the confusion may stem from the all-upper case logo. In designing the wordmark and style guide for the site, my graphic designer and I looked to keep it simple in order to show off the content and images rather than something complicated and flashy which would distract and not scale well at multiple sizes. The text makes slight nods to brutalism and a few other architectural styles while retaining a clean, contemporary, and timeless feel – I love the uniform height and rhythm of the logo – and would love to continue using it for a long time, but only if it doesn’t add confusion for readers.

I played around with a couple alternatives, and while they make the pronunciation and subject of the site more clear, I don’t know if I can get on board. These are quick five minute photoshop riffs; for a final, I’d definitely work with my designer to refine these, but I’d love to hear any thoughts you have.

With a slash! Edgy…
With a dot
With color – any color!
Here is the current logo with text below

So as you can see – I think the current logo obviously looks the best, but if it leads to confusion, is it worth changing? Am I overthinking this? Is it broken, and does it need fixing?

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