Meet Denmark Based Architect, Artist, and Photographer Mikkel Frost

Mikkel Frost is an exceptional architect and co-founder of the Danish architecture firm CEBRA. When not “working,” Mikkel is well known in the architecture scene for his lively sketches and watercolors. What people might not know is that Mikkel is also an avid photographer, taking many of the pictures for his office.

Dmitry Tkachenko Teaches Us About His Architectural Time-Lapses

Dmitry Tkachenko is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway. I came across his amazing time lapses on Instagram and wanted to interview him about his process when making these videos. Kyrre: Hi Dmitry! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.

How to License Your Photography – My Interview with Adam Taylor

If you’re a professional photographer, sooner or later you’ll come across the opportunity or be asked by a person/business (outside of one that initially hired you) for access to one or more of your photos for their marketing use. This is typically the first step in the process of licensing your work as a photographer.

On Architectural Filmmaking with Juan Benavides from FILMATICA

Juan Benavides is a Mexican architect and filmmaker currently based in the Netherlands.He describes himself as someone working in and around architecture. This acknowledgment allows him to shift across his various creative interests, engaging in projects that range from architectural design and academic research to videography, photography, and music.

Peter Marko Talks About His Deakin Law Building Short Film

Over the past couple of years, I have been following the progress of the Deakin Law Building part of Deakin University in Burwood (Victoria, Australia) which was designed by Woods Bagot. Towards the end of the second lockdown in Melbourne, I had my chance to take a stroll around this building.

Qi Xi Discusses Documenting Some of China’s Most Significant Landscape Architecture

Qi Xi is a Shanghai-based landscape architectural photographer.  He and I met earlier this year at a mutual friend’s art salon where we both presented some of our respective work.  Qi has been capturing some of the most significant landscape architectural designs all across China and I absolutely love his work. 

Creating Spaces Through Photography: Duoseries by Denisa Balaj

Meet Denisa Balaj, a Romanian architect based in Switzerland and the creator of Duoseries. We crossed paths in 2015 during my studies at the University of Liechtenstein, since then I have been following her project. Duoseries is a photographic project that builds new spaces through the combination of two or more photographs.

Zupagrafika: The Studio Celebrating Modernist and Brutalist Architecture

David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka are the founders of Zupagrafika, a creative studio based in Poland celebrating modernist architecture, design and photography in a unique and playful way. Since 2012 David and Martyna have been traveling, photographing and illustrating post-war modernist and brutalist architecture, especially in the former Eastern Bloc.Their

An Eight Year Timelapse: Keith Loutit Documents Singapore’s Urban Growth

Over a decade ago I had come across Keith Loutit’s work, the Bathtub Series. It was his videos that piqued my fascination with tilt-shift lenses as a way to make the world look miniature. His unique work has parlayed him into creating numerous direct commercial campaigns globally and recently, he released his latest film, Lion City Rising.

After Multiple Career Resets, Taran Wilkhu Found His True Calling

Taran Wilkhu is a London based Interiors and Architectural photographer whom I had come across during the Zoomed In Festival. He has to be one of the most interesting photographers I have come across because his professional career has taken many different trajectories before finding his true calling.

Pictures That Move: An In-depth Look At Making Films About Architecture

Architecture and the moving image, and of course photography and the moving image, have a long, intertwined history. By the turn of the 19th Century, the technology that the early photography pioneers were still experimenting with had progressed to the point at which they could record a series of stills in an incredibly short amount of time, and play them back to animate the sequence.
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