How to License Your Photography – My Interview with Adam Taylor

How to License Your Photography – My Interview with Adam Taylor

If you’re a professional photographer, sooner or later you’ll come across the opportunity or be asked by a person/business (outside of one that initially hired you) for access to one or more of your photos for their marketing use. This is typically the first step in the process of licensing your work as a photographer. While it generally is a positive process and benefits both parties involved (specifically more $$$ for you as the photographer), on occasion it can be met with many questions and even flat-out confusion. In fact, sometimes it can even be a contentious issue to our clients if not presented in the right manner.

Recently I had the chance to discuss the topic of photo licensing and interview architectural photographer, Adam Taylor. Adam is currently based in Oahu, Hawaii and within the photography community has kind of become know as the “licensing guy”. If you’ve been on social media over the past year or so, you may have come across an ad for his “Learn to License Your Photos” online course.

To a client who is not familiar with the concept of licensing, how do you present it to them so as not to hit ‘bumps in the road?

“My best advice is have that conversation on day one!”

Adam Taylor

While we do discuss some aspects of his course in the video (no it’s not a gigantic commercial…don’t worry), Adam provides examples as well as specific and direct insight about licensing that you can apply right away. We go over questions like…

  • What is licensing?
  • How much do companies need the images that we as architecture/interiors photographers create?
  • What are some common obstacles when attempting to license our work?
  • How much money should we license our images for?

You can check out Adam’s portfolio & website at

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