Jeffrey Totaro Reflects on an Incredible 24-Year Career in Architectural Photography

Jeffrey Totaro Reflects on an Incredible 24-Year Career in Architectural Photography

Years ago when I first started exploring architectural photography as a career option, I had come across the work of Jeffrey Totaro on Arch Daily and was immediately fascinated with his gorgeous compositions and technical expertise. Hailing from Pennsylvania, his name is synonymous with the American architecture scene; he’s been photographing iconic architecture longer than most of us have been able to discern light from dark.

Emerging Photographer Martin Siegner Opens Up About His Breakout Career

One of the best things about living in Australia is the plethora of opportunities available to truly pursue what you want and Martin Siegner is no exception. Martin came to Australia a few years ago as an architectural visualization artist and felt unfulfilled.

Peter Molick’s Meticulous Work Leads To Success At Home in Houston and Abroad in Venice

Instagram seems like an endless pool of finding exceptional photographers and when by chance I came across Peter Molick’s profile, I was immediately enamoured by his very clean and crisp interiors photography and by his architectural art photography which has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale.

Christopher Payne’s Remarkable Work Celebrates the Beauty of Manufacturing and Design

Throughout our careers we find photographers and artists who inspire us at a deep level, and I am so happy to be able to bring you an interview with one such photographer today. Christopher Payne, who was educated as and practiced as an architect, has long been one of my favorites not only for his prowess as an architectural photographer but as an embodiment of the personal project and its ability to bring incredible opportunity for pursuing one’s interests, exploring incredible places, and shaping your career into something entirely your own.

Art Sanchez Skates Into Architectural Photography & Videography

I absolutely love cycling, so when I think of Mallorca off the coast of Spain, the first thing pops into my mind is the winter training camps for all the professional racing teams. To be honest with you, I’ve never really made much of a connection between architecture and Mallorca — an island that is only 1,405 square miles.

Eric Petschek Rides the Instagram Wave Into a Career Photographing Architecture

Initially only known by his Instagram pseudonym CB or CityBoy, Eric Petschek is a New York-based interiors & architectural photographer. Trained as an Interior Designer, Eric got on the Instagram game early and used the platform to chronicle his views on the spaces he had visited during his travels as an interior designer, which laid the foundation for Eric to transition into full time interior photographer.

Niveditaa Gupta on Pivoting an Architecture Career to a Photographic Career

Niveditaa Gupta is an emerging architectural photographer from New Delhi, India. Her path to becoming a photographer stemmed from a research paper she was writing as part of her architectural degree. Her creative approach to photography and filmmaking, along with her role as a photographer in an emerging market so different than what we normally read about made for fascinating insight.

How Dave Kulesza’s Home Renovation Led to a New Career as an Architectural Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of my favourite fellow Melbourne based photographers, Dave Kulesza, about his journey into photographing interiors and architecture which transpired through a home renovation project. Dave’s fascinating career has evolved on his own terms, culminating in a solo show featuring his project DPRK: The Colors of North Korea.

Anjie Blair On Transitioning From Real Estate to Architectural & Interiors Photography

I have been following Anjie Blair’s work on Instagram for a couple of years and have been lucky to witness her career and work evolve into something that could be described simply as magnificent. Anjie hails from a wonderful part of Australia called Tasmania, and today we talk to Anjie about from losing her dream job, finding her way into photography and now transitioning into architectural & interiors photography.

Pushing Boundaries and Creating Career Momentum With Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn Cairns is the Wonder Woman of Australian architectural photography. Her portfolio sports a healthy mix of work – from commercial projects, cuisine, and travel – but the crown jewels are certainly her interiors. She conjures up rich images with interesting light.

Andy Macpherson On Photographing Australia’s Trendsetting Design Scene

I have been following Andy Macpherson‘s work on Instagram for a couple of years and have been fascinated with the amazing homes he has been photographing from Byron Bay to Queensland. Being located in regional New South Wales, Australia, near the border of NSW and Queensland, Andy has carved a name for himself in a relatively short span of time while photographing for some prolific Australian architectural firms.

Photographer Tom Ferguson Architects His Own Career in Australia and Abroad

Sydney-based Tom Ferguson ran his own architecture practice for over ten years before deciding to take a leap and switch careers from architect to photographer. With a diverse portfolio that includes top projects from around the world, Tom is truly someone who has crafted a career perfectly suited to his personality and lifestyle.

Observing Architecture and Environment With James Florio

After captivating our staff and readers, Project of the Week veteran James Florio is back on APALMANAC this week for a full-length interview. The Colorado architectural photographer – who formerly resided in Chile – is truly a voyager of the trade.

Photographer Vlad Feoktistov Designs a Dream Career Across Russia and Asia

Vlad Feoktistov is an emerging talent based in Sochi, Russia, who makes his living photographing homes, hotels, and neoclassical Stalinist resorts, among other things. Vlad’s story is somewhat unique in our field and I couldn’t help but want to share it with everyone.

Ana Mello Uses Her Architectural Photography Powers for Good

While a seemingly small and technical niche, there is so much more than meets the eye included under the umbrella of “architectural photography.” This is proven by today’s esteemed guest, Brazilian photographer Ana Mello. Ana’s beautiful work is full of reflections, symmetry, movement, and color.

Interview: Architectural Photography Success in a Small Market with Seth Parker

Today we’re going on a ride with Nashville-based architectural photographer Seth Parker. This is a long interview, but one that is dripping with advice that should be shouted from a mountain top. Shooting for clients like Starbucks, Stanley Black and Decker, and ahem…the NFL, he’s got the portfolio (and hilarious tales) to back up his 19-year long career.
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