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Ukrainian Photographer Andriy Bezuglov Photographs Kyiv’s Spicy NoSpicy

Ukrainian Photographer Andriy Bezuglov Photographs Kyiv’s Spicy NoSpicy

Project of the Week

From my time spent pouring over various architecture and architecture photography throughout the world (wide web), I’ve noticed that Ukraine has some of the most interesting, rich with mood, and just downright cool projects, especially in the restaurant sector.

One of my new personal favorite Ukraninan photographers is Andriy Bezuglov, who has shared this beautiful project with us. This week, let’s check out Spicy NoSpicy, an Asian restaurant in Kyiv designed by YOD Design Lab.

In this establishing shot, Andriy sets the scene of Spicy NoSpicy for us. His camera height feels good, allowing us to visually walk through the scene. This composition works perfectly because, although the space is busy, he positions himself in a way that allows us to observe all of the elements in the restaurant while giving us space to check it all out.

I love the pattern of light streaming in through the windows and onto the tables. It creates a very cheerful feeling and helps convey the architect’s goal of creating a restaurant that “transports” you to sunny Vietnam. There is also such an interesting exchange of scale and textures in this shot, as the hanging fishing traps on the ceiling create a playful rhythm that is echoed in the pendant lights and carved patterns on the columns.

In this next shot, Andriy gives us a peak at the open and visible kitchen area. By including the chef, cooks, and waiter, he translates what it feels like to be in Spicy NoSpicy, observing your meal being cooked.

I appreciate how Andriy keeps a consistent mood in his photographs of Spicy NoSpicy despite the difference in time of day (as you’ll see later). Even though these are taken during the day time, there is still a dark and sexy feel about the space.

As things shift to nighttime, Andriy really gives us a good sense of place and shows the real-world functionality of the resturant. This photograph — while not a hero shot screaming with architecture or design — helps flesh out the story and tone of Spicy NoSpicy, and gives us a view as if we are passing the restaurant on the street.

Now that it’s dark out, the true mood and feel of the restaurant is really allowed to shine. I love the dark and edgy feeling about these photographs. It’s interesting to see the lighting design and the way all of the textures and building materials present in this different atmosphere than the photographs we saw during the day.

Andriy creates a nice intimacy in his photographs of Spicy NoSpicy. Our eyes nestle in on the tables in this booth area, while still observing the various layers of the photograph from the foreground (the pendant lights) to the texture of the wood wall in the back. What I think is most noteworthy about this series is how Andriy works with the sculptural bamboo fishing traps that cover the ceiling. He allows them to fill up a good portion of the frame without letting them overpower or distract from the image.

Throughout this shoot, Andriy has taken the time to document the small details throughout the restaurant, and they complement the larger and more encompassing photographs well. Here he shows us the wall of spices that are the restaurant’s namesake.

And This moody beauty draws our attention to the table, the lighting design, and the place settings.

Here, we are given a view of Spicy NoSpicy’s bar which allows patrons to watch their craft cocktail being made with the hustle and bustle of Kyiv’s streets in the background. I really enjoy the color palette here, with the blues and purples from outside heightening the feeling of warmth in the restaurant.

We are gracious to Andriy Bezuglov for sharing his photographs of Spicy NoSpicy with us here on APALMANAC. Check out more of Andriy’s work on his website and give him a follow on Instagram @bezuglov_ua

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