Three Architectural Photographers Team Up to Document a New Apartment in Stockholm

These days it’s common to see most photographers working under their own moniker, going solo except for an assistant. Some work as duos, and even more rare is the occasional agency. Today we’re taking a look at Florbrant/Svanberg – a Stockholm-based team of “photographers, retouchers, stylists and set designers.”

Learn How David Bewick Made His Film of the Windermere Jetty Museum

We’re shaking things up with this Project of the Week by geologist turned photographer/filmmaker David Bewick. At the risk of turning this to Architectural Video Almanac, this week we are diving into the creative process behind this captivating piece of film featuring the Stirling Prize-nominated Windermere Jetty Museum.

Piet Niemann Photographs DMAA’s Offshore Borkum Project

There are a thousand ways to describe this Project of the Week, but simply sublime is all that really needs to be said. Really, simply sublime was the goal mood for this project, which is meant to be a relaxing home-away-from-home. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects designed this superb residential housing for offshore workers who are building and servicing the major offshore wind turbine parks in the North Sea, between the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Mark Elst Photographs A Massive Contemporary Villa by SAOTA and K Interiors

Mark Elst is an architectural and interiors photographer from Holland currently living and working in France. Mark works for architects all around the region, including those in Switzerland, Italy, and even the Netherlands. This gorgeous project — a contemporary villa — was a collaboration between South African firm SAOTA Architects and K Interiors, headed up by Liliana Atilova in Geneva.

Ira Gosalia of Photographix India Shares the Shapely Play House in Ahmedabad

Today’s featured project was submitted by Ira Gosalia of Photographix India, and it takes us to the old town neighborhood of Ahmedabad, India. Today we’ll be checking out Ira’s photographs of Play House by UA Design. Ira kicks things off by sharing “The architect wanted to recreate the intangible spirit of an old city house, but expressed the architecture in a modern way.

Diana Paulson Photographs the Original Hygge Supply Demo House

Today’s featured project takes us on a little adventure to Lake Leelanau where we will be checking out Hygge Supply’s original kit house. Taking us there will be Detroit-based architectural and interiors photographer Diana Paulson of Linea Photo.

Photographing the Dark and Moody Green Massage with Cai Yunpu

Many moons ago when I started writing Project of the Week, I fell in love with Ivar Kvaal’s photographs of Under because they were so dark and fascinating. I’ve finally found another project that gives me that same feeling. Meet Shanghai-based architectural photographer Cai Yunpu.

Peter Bennetts Photographs A Coastal House Built to Withstand Fires and Landslides

On Christmas Day in 2015, brushfires tore through the south coast of the Otway ranges on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. With the entire forest gone, the landslides came, devastating what was left of the Wye River area. The landslides blocked the iconic Great Ocean Road, which is the only access to and from the region.

Brooke Holm on Photographing Sean Connolly in the Dubai Opera

Way back at the beginning of APALMANAC’s conception, Brooke Holm was the very first interviewee on the site. It is easy to see why. Her photographs are delicate and beautiful, full of form and line and sweeping dreamy light. It’s a no-brainer that Brooke’s photos of Sean Connolly in the Dubai Opera should be on Project of the Week.

A Stately American Home With a Dark Surprise Photographed by Brian Wetzel

For this week’s featured project, we’re going to take a look at a big ‘ole classic American home in Pennsylvania, because it holds quite a colorful surprise! Architectural and interiors photographer Brian Wetzel has been kind enough to share heaps about this very cool project.

Gehry’s New Luma Arles as Photographed by Sharon Tzarfati

Frank Gehry’s Luma Arles is a striking building. Situated in the heart of the Parc des Ateliers, the new 56 meter tall stainless steel clad tower emerging out of a glass drum is a nod to Van Gogh. The mixed use space holds everything from an exhibition hall to private offices, a library, and even an event venue.

Anjie Blair Photographs a Serene Cellar Door in Tasmania

Today’s featured project takes us to a lovely cellar door in Tasmania by Cumulus Studio. The amazing Anjie Blair was kind enough to share her photographs and a bit about her process on this shoot, so let’s jump right on in with her favorite shot of the day!”

The Penguin Parade: Three Cameras, Two Days, and One Gorgeous Project by Peter Marko

Peter Marko’s latest project is simply amazing. The shoot spanned two days on location but took months in the making because of permitting, weather, and of course, Covid related lockdowns. Armed with three cameras, a slider, a gimbal, a drone, zero assistants, and no brief from the client, Peter crafted this beautiful film of TERROIR’S Penguin Parade Visitor Center.
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