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Howdy! I'm a Maryland-based photographer, retoucher, and writer. Here at APALMANAC, I curate Project of the Week and make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually catch me fishing or drinking a margarita.

Interview: Latin America’s Architect Turned Photographer, Lorena Darquea

Lorena Darquea is a well-traveled architectural photographer who is celebrated for putting modern Ecuadorian architecture on the map. She is also listed as one of the top rising women in architectural photography by ArchDaily. Both a well-studied architect and photographer, she is insanely skilled at giving each project in a pure and honest portrayal. We were happy to be able to sit down and pick her brain on what makes for good photography from an architect's standpoint.

Project of the Week: Arch-Exist Photography / Xiao Yin Architecture Design Firm

Xiao Yin Architecture Design Firm's "Ranwu Lake Campsite" has been so masterfully documented by the crew at Arch-Exist Photography that I felt like I was transported there, and I can't stop looking at this set of photographs. What I admire most about this series by Arch-Exist is how they captured the structures of the campground in tandem with the environment of Ranwu Lake, all with plenty of mood. Contrary to most architecture photography that's put out into the world, this set is dark and deep and a bit otherworldly feeling.

Interview: Exploring Kenyan Architecture With Mutahi Chiira

Mutahi Chiira is an architectural photographer hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. Mutahi became a fast friend of mine throughout this interview and has shed such great light on Kenyan architecture and his personal best practices as a photographer and business owner in Africa.

Project of the Week: Danica O. Kus / NMOQ / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Feast your eyes on the National Museum of Qatar, a structure masterfully designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and documented in equal mastery by Slovenian photographer Danica O. Kus. The museum is an enormous sprawling building that looks out onto the Persian Gulf. A union of various "disks," the museum is subject to such interesting highlights and shadows thrown by the harsh Qatar sun. The time of day Danica chose to photograph the exterior shows off the dimensionality of the building nicely.

Project of the Week | Montse Zamorano / Malka+Portús Arquitectos

In this Project of the Week, photographer Montse Zamorano makes a gas station look - dare I say - sexy! The flagship CEPSA fueling station by Malka + Portús Arquitectos in Spain is a sight to behold. Montse did a perfect job of conveying the station's beautiful design overhaul, focusing on the new tech, usability, and the focal point of the entire project, that incredible canopy.

Project of the Week | Rafaela Netto / FGMF Architects

Rafaela Netto is an architectural photographer working in São Paulo who is rated one of the top up and coming female visionaries in the industry. I wholeheartedly agree. She is a master of using framing to show off the environment of her projects, and each piece in her portfolio gives off an interesting sense of place.

Crafting Drama With Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes is a hometown hero of mine. A MICA graduate with a portfolio of rich and thoughtful images steeped in powerful lines and beautiful light, her style is undeniably recognizable. Jennifer's work spans across different genres, from hospitality to interior design, food, and the occasional bout of portraiture. No matter what she's shooting, it all carries the same beautiful painterly qualities that make her work iconic.

Project of the Week: Simone Hutsch | heysupersimi

There are so many more facets of architectural photography than just shooting sublimely lit modern homes or hotel exteriors; in fact, even the most beautiful of those can start to feel a bit stale after a while. When I saw German photographer/designer Simone Hutsch’s minimal architecture photos, I couldn’t get enough of them.

Project of the Week: Dave Kulesza / Mckimm

On this fine Project of the Week, we're featuring Dave Kulesza's photographs of Mckimm's project #344 - The Howitt House. The first thing that catches my attention is the great tonal balance of this image. I love the warmth of the natural cedar contrasted by the cool concrete forms.

Project of the Week: György Palkó / Tóth Project

It’s April 18th. Your taxes are (hopefully) filed, the weather is great, and it’s time for Project of the Week! This week’s featured project hails from Hungary. Villa SZE was created by the architectural firm Tóth Project.  I was immediately drawn to this series because of the way photographer György Palkó displays the colors and shapes throughout the home.
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