Felix Mooneeram Documents the Effortlessly Cool ‘Ghost House’

Felix Mooneeram Documents the Effortlessly Cool ‘Ghost House’

Project of the Week

BPN Architects’ Ghost House has been causing a ruckus across the architecture industry, winning awards and being picked up by publications; and rightfully so because it’s so stinkin’ cool! As-Cast concrete, huge windows, modern lighting, and bold symmetry make this house worthy of Project of the Week. Our featured photographer is Australia based Felix Mooneeram, who shows Ghost House off masterfully, and made me fall in love with the place. Let’s hop right in!

Kicking things off in the main hub of the house, Felix showcases the great design elements we’re in for at Ghost House. A tasteful one point perspective plays up the brutalist shapes found throughout the home, and shows off the double-height glass wall. We are able to sense the spaciousness of the room and note the modern feeling that this house emanates.

Two simple vignettes help convey the mood and texture present in the house. Check out that beautiful dappled light streaming in through the windows! I love the way the shadows and highlights from the window casings create shapes on the floor that echo those found in the massing of the house itself. On the right-hand side, Felix highlights the in-situ cast concrete and its delicate texture.

Felix’s perspective here is perfect. We’re able to see the way the floorplan connects, things feel sturdy and squared up, yet there is still a lot of dimension to the photograph. His chosen angle keeps details like the length of the recessed channel lighting, and the shapeliness of the steel staircases from being lost to stacking.

Two closer crops emphasize the textures in the concrete, the beautiful strips of light, and the overall modern geometric patterns throughout Ghost House. The coloring is crisp and clean, with no contamination or troubles from mixing daylight with the recessed lighting. Speaking of coloration, I appreciate how Felix trends these photos a tiny bit on the warm side. It gives life to the concrete and keeps the images from looking too sterile or uninviting.

Symmetry ahoy! A powerful and proper one-point perspective echoes the bold and robust tone that these features give off. The leading lines from the two steel staircases help drive our eyes right to the center of the frame where the main door to the home sits. As our eyes scan outwards, Felix implies that there are rooms just out of frame on either side of the entryway.

As we head outside, we see that Felix has lined up a similar shot, giving unity to the images in this project. One-point perspectives are clutch here for showing off Ghost House, allowing it’s bold and symmetrical design to shine. Catching a glimpse of familiar sights, like the black door, and the living room furniture camera right, Felix is able to convey how the main living level of the house actually sits sunken underground. This is a great perspective to showcase that important detail.

The exterior photographs of Ghost House are so tastefully made, and they really sell the grand feeling of this custom home. I love the repetition in the window frames and the stairs. There’s already a lot to look at here, so I appreciate Felix’s subtle sky coloring and how it doesn’t distract from the house itself.

Leaving Ghost House, Felix crafts another photograph steeped in beautiful symmetry. This view allows us to see the pathway that leads to the sunken courtyard, as well as the two bedrooms on either end of the home’s upper level. Perhaps the best part though, is the two perfect reflecting pools on either side of the path, and the way they carry on the lines from the glass wall. This is a perfect sendoff to a perfect piece of modern architecture!

If you’re unfamiliar with Felix Mooneeram, I can’t say enough great things about him and his work! His portfolio is stocked with incredibly beautiful projects that span such a wide variety of subjects within the architecture and design world. Head on over to Felix’s website felixmooneeram.co.uk as well as his Instagram @felixmooneeram to get familiar with him!

If you have a project you’d like to be considered for Project of the Week, you can submit it here.

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