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Howdy! I'm a Maryland-based photographer, retoucher, and writer. Here at APALMANAC, I curate Project of the Week and make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually catch me fishing or drinking a margarita.

Perfect Compositions and Clean Edits and With Lisa Petrole

Working a desk job doesn’t sound so bad if it’s at the Campari Group’s Canadian office. With Emil Teleki’s minimal fresh designs, this ain’t your daddy’s office. Photographed by the one and only Lisa Petrole, you’re in for clean colors, perfect compositions, and beautiful light.

Photographing a Paradisaic Ocean-Front Club With Mike Schwartz

Warning: This Project of the Week may induce strong yearnings for a beach vacation. Up on this week’s featured project docket is The Surf Club, photographed by architectural and interiors photographer Mike Schwartz. What I love about this project is the clear progression of time throughout the shoot.

Kevin Scott Photographs A Museum Perched in the Dolomites

If you’re hungry for great architecture photography in an epic location that harnesses great compositions and use of models, look no further than this Project of the Week! Today we’ll be exploring NYC based photographer Kevin Scott’s images of The Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Shooting Luxe Dark Interiors With Barry MacKenzie

Barry MacKenzie is a tour de force player in the Architectural Photography / Interiors game. Chances are, you’ve seen him on the PROEDU tutorials, at his workshops with Tony Roslund, or heard him lately in his role as co-founder and host of our favorite new podcast, BAAM.All

Felix Mooneeram Documents the Effortlessly Cool ‘Ghost House’

BPN Architects’ Ghost House has been causing a ruckus across the architecture industry, winning awards and being picked up by publications; and rightfully so because it’s so stinkin’ cool! As-Cast concrete, huge windows, modern lighting, and bold symmetry make this house worthy of Project of the Week.

Finally, the Perfect Podcast for Architectural Photographers

On edit days when I’m glued to my desk, unable to sit in silence, I cruise through entire discographies of music by the bushel. In an attempt to harness the time I’m sitting still, and actually learn something, I’ve turned to podcasts. It seems though, that there’s an endless amount of things to do at my desk and a finite amount of genuinely good content to consume.

Bernat Tubau Photographs a New Take on a Bygone Nordic Church

In 2009, Våler Kirke (Vaaler Church for us English speaking folk) was lost to a fire. Mourned by the Norwegian town, a global competition was opened up for the church’s reconstruction. Architect Espen Surnevik was the victor and created the new design for the church which honors its heritage while putting a modern spin on the “rebirth” of the original structure from 1805.

Studying Light & Mood with Luis Gallardo at Casa H

On this episode of Project of the Week, we delve into an exploration of how light changes over the course of a day, and its effects on the mood of architectural photographs. Photographer Luis Gallardo of LGM Studio is showing us how it’s done through his photos of Casa H by Weber Arquitectos.

Tuomas Uusheimo Photographs Helsinki’s Fun and Funky Oodi Library

Helsinki, Finland. A place riddled with funky architecture and rich design. Heck, there’s even a great band named — well — Architecture in Helsinki. This week we dive into a great piece of modern Nordic design by ALA Architects’. Enter, the Oodi Library.

Creating Deliciously Moody Vignettes With Haris Kenjar

It’s finally feeling like autumn on America’s East Coast, which means an ushering in of all things dark, autumnal colors palates, and a craving for cozy. The embodiment of all those feelings is this series of interior design photographs by Haris Kenjar.

Inside An Iconic Malibu Architectural Masterpiece with Roger Davies

There is a special place in Californian architecture marked by the renowned work of architect John Lautner. Kicking off his career as Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, Lautner fell into his own iconic style and took over the West Coast mid-century scene.

Hufton & Crow Tell Us About Photographing the World’s Largest Airport

A headliner on CNN, Curbed, Dezeen, and Architectural Digest, this week’s featured project has been widely talked about in the press and has made waves across the architecture community. A truly incredible undertaking, Zaha Hadid Architects‘ Bejing Daxing International Airport is a 12.9 billion dollar, 700,000 square meter masterpiece.

Matthew Millman documents AIA CC Merit Awarded ‘House of Earth & Sky’

Alert! Alert! Great architecture inbound. This week’s featured project is Matthew Millman’s photographs of AIA CC Merit awarded House of Earth & Sky by Aidlin Darling. And where there is beautiful architecture, there is beautiful photography. This series is steeped in strong geometric shapes and the golden light that early evening brings.

Chase Daniel Takes Us Inside a Perfect Palm Springs Residence

It’s official. I want to be Chase Daniel when I grow up. I could go on and on about his work forever, but it’s probably just easier to show you how beautiful, clean, and well thought out each of his compositions are. I drooled over Chase’s website for an absurd amount of time — scrolling through Japanese/Texas fusion restaurants, smokey bars, cowboy boot peddlers, cabins, and ranches.

Pushing Boundaries and Creating Career Momentum With Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn Cairns is the Wonder Woman of Australian architectural photography. Her portfolio sports a healthy mix of work – from commercial projects, cuisine, and travel – but the crown jewels are certainly her interiors. She conjures up rich images with interesting light.

Photographing a Tidy Interior Design Project with Jack Lovel

Here on Architectural Photography Almanac, we tend to focus on — well — architecture. Not to be overlooked though, is photography with an emphasis on the design of a space. This Project of the Week by Melbourne based Jack Lovel is great study on clean edits, simplicity, and the “less is more” aspect that shines when working with interior designers.

Aaron Leitz Photographs A Reformed New Zealand Cattle Farm

Ahh New Zealand; the magical land where perfect scenery and perfect architecture collide. This week’s shining example is a residential home by Cheshire Architects, with interior design by Terry Hunziker, photographed by Seattle based Aaron Leitz.

Joe Fletcher photographs an ‘Act of Congress’ build at Grand Staircase-Escalante

When you’re hired to photograph a resort, your end goal is to sell the experience. If there’s one guy who can pull this off, it’s architectural photographer Joe Fletcher. Three photographs into his collection on Amangiri Resort, and I was trying to justify spending my F-You Fund on a vacation.

Russian photographer Dmitry Yagovkin makes graphic design worthy photos in Italy

What do you get when you mix an incredible photographer from Russia with a premier design school in Italy? Nope, this isn’t the start of a joke. It’s this week’s featured project! The Scuola Politecnica di Design (affectionately known as SPD) is a postgrad design school in Milan, Italy.
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