Matthew Millman documents AIA CC Merit Awarded ‘House of Earth & Sky’

Matthew Millman documents AIA CC Merit Awarded ‘House of Earth & Sky’

Alert! Alert! Great architecture inbound. This week’s featured project is Matthew Millman’s photographs of AIA CC Merit awarded House of Earth & Sky by Aidlin Darling. And where there is beautiful architecture, there is beautiful photography.

This series is steeped in strong geometric shapes and the golden light that early evening brings. It’s fitting then, that his opening image has a mix of both. Matthew composes a one-point perspective to familiarize us with the entryway of House of Earth & Sky. The overhanging rooflines appear to pop out of our screens. It’s all the fun of being at a 3D movie minus the headache. Notice next, the beautiful color play between the sky and the golden light reflecting from the windows. This image gives off an excellent sense of place.

This scene showcases the massing of this home. Matthew’s slightly askew position highlights the long rectangular lines found throughout the building. A beautiful warm sun pours golden light across the interior spaces, drawing our eye to them.

Inside the house, two similar vignettes emphasize the blocky feeling given off by the rectilinear design of this house. Matthew also uses these frames to show off the graphic art and great interior design here.

A tighter crop focusing on the room divider displays how the light interacts with the interior of House of Earth & Sky. Riddled with leading lines, these rectangular design elements produce long crisp shadows.

Matthew definitely picked the right time of day to shoot this project. The angular shadows and warm hazy light is really what gives this project of the week its extra oompf! I mean, look at the way it streams across the frame. Great color theory also lends itself to this image. The orange furniture and warm tones created by the light play off of the cool blue sky. This creates contrast through color and makes our eyes happy.

I love a good set of detail shots. Both of these exemplify the great quality of light and use of texture in this home.

As we say goodnight to House of Earth & Sky, Matthew gives us one last look at the angular shapes making up the structure. Now, warm light pours out of the house. Matthew’s tasteful color grading and exposure feels true to real life, and is a great send off to this project.

Many thanks to Matthew Millman for sharing his work of House of Earth & Sky with us this week. Head over to his website for more residential and commercial architectural gems. If you’re looking to make a new friend on the ‘gram, follow along at @matthewmillmanphoto.

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