Finally, the Perfect Podcast for Architectural Photographers

Finally, the Perfect Podcast for Architectural Photographers

On edit days when I’m glued to my desk, unable to sit in silence, I cruise through entire discographies of music by the bushel. In an attempt to harness the time I’m sitting still, and actually learn something, I’ve turned to podcasts. It seems though, that there’s an endless amount of things to do at my desk and a finite amount of genuinely good content to consume. Fortunately, two of my favorite architectural and design photographers have teamed up and gifted the world a much needed architectural photography podcast.

Enter Barry MacKenzie and Andy Macpherson, who have joined forces to create the BAAM Podcast

Episode One of BAAM delves into the life and career of world-renowned architectural photographer Ema Peter, and man, is this a great interview!

Ema, an Architizer award winner — whose website displays more coversheets than you have time to scroll through — touches on some extremely pertinent details for growing and thriving in the architectural photography industry. Beginning as a news anchor in Bulgaria, starting from nothing in Canada and photographing hotels for Expedia with a 5 megapixel Nikon Coolpix, to becoming an Architizer award winner and employing a team, Ema’s story is one that any photographer can learn something from.

Here are just a few of the great topics you can expect to hear her discuss with Barry and Andy:

  • Shooting off a gut feeling
  • The benefits of starting small and growing into your client base
  • Creativity being born from boredom
  • How you are the culprit on devaluing your work
  • Bringing photojournalistic techniques to architectural photography
  • Harnessing fear to make your best work

Barry and Andy’s podcast has fast-tracked itself to the top of my listening queue, and it was the perfect companion for a long day of editing. I can’t wait for the next episode of BAAM and highly recommend it.

Expected to come to Spotify and where ever else you listen to podcasts, you can currently find it here on Simplecast.

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