Get to Know Joe Fletcher on The Second Studio Podcast

Get to Know Joe Fletcher on The Second Studio Podcast

Joe Fletcher is arguably one of the most admired architectural photographers, and – rightfully so – his work is held in high regard. His photographs are mesmerizing – infused with a sense of place and time, thoughtfully composed, and beautifully lit. When it comes to hearing about Joe’s processes and behind-the-scenes magic – well – there isn’t a ton out there. So when The Second Studio Podcast interviewed him, it was a huge benefit and joy to the architectural photography community.

If you haven’t heard the interview yet, I would highly recommend giving it a listen the next time you’re taking a drive or sitting at your desk cranking out your latest edits. In the interview, you can expect to hear Joe speak on a range of topics including his process, the relationship between architecture and photography, what his shoot days are like, and the evolution of his career. I can’t recommend listing to this episode of The Second Studio enough! You can find Joe’s episode on Second Studio’s website:

Their Youtube Channel:

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Or on any other podcast platform that you use. You can check out the full catalog of architecture and design related podcasts on The Second Studio’s website,

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