Architectural Photographer Heather Conley on Shooting Around Weather

Architectural Photographer Heather Conley on Shooting Around Weather

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In a contrasting approach to my post about intentionally shooting during bad weather, photographer Heather Conley delivers a great vlog-style narrative video discussing her approach to selecting a shoot day based on weather. Heather is a successful architectural photographer based in Connecticut who has worked for a wide range of clients photographing a variety of project types.

Heather’s approach revolves predominantly around getting her images correct in camera – and working with the weather to do so. Citing the reason that good weather leads to better pictures and less post production (and that less post production leads to less cost for the client and inevitably less frustration for her), she has come up with some unique methods to choose which days she shoots a project.

Heather’s approach would definitely work great in any local with unpredictable weather (e.g., anywhere that’s not Southern California!). Whenever she books a shoot, she will set a main shoot date and a backup weather date not more than 4-7 days apart. For the rest of the goods, check out the video below which gave me some new ideas for scheduling my own shoots.

Many thanks to Heather for putting her thoughts on camera. If you’d like to check out some of her work, it can be seen on her website. She also has a number of easy to understand videos discussing licensing, business practices, and creative growth which can be found on her YouTube channel.

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