Hall, Merrick, and McCaugherty on the Craft and Business of Architectural Photography

Nick Merrick and Steve Hall have been photographing architecture longer than most readers of this blog have been alive (myself included). When you think of some of the most important architectural projects of the last 100 years, Merrick and Hall have probably been there, creating photographs to share the stories of these projects with the world.

The Road to Success With Photographer Joel Grimes

While he isn’t specifically in the architectural or interiors niche, Joel Grimes is an impressive photographer. His portraits, landscapes, and composite images are of the highest quality. You could think of him as a performer in the Champions League of Photographers (sorry, I am European, so translated for my American friends: the Superbowl).

You Should Be Charging Licensing Fees for Publication Use of Your Images

You just wrapped up an amazing shoot and delivered the images to your client, who loves them as always. A week or two later, you’re contacted by a publication asking to use the images in a story they are running. This is awesome! You’re over the moon and swelling with pride.

Check Out This NFT Primer – Courtesy of Architectural Photographer Peter Molick

One of my goals for the new year is to endeavor to figure out what the heck an NFT is, and how, if at all, it could affect or benefit my work as a photographer.  As luck may have it, a serendipitous scroll through my Instagram feed led me to a recent article on the subject by one of our favorite photographers here at APAlmanac, our good friend Peter Molick. 

Use the AIA & ASMP’s Guide to Commissioning Architectural Photography as a Powerful Client Resource

Images play a major role in defining how we come to know architecture and interiorspaces. Because photography is pivotal in understanding the built environment, choosing a professional to photograph your project is a most important consideration. -ASMP & AIA from their collaborative “Commissioning Architectural Photography” guide If you’re an architectural photographer looking to have an excellent new year of jobs with good client experiences, communication, and expectations, we have an awesome tool for you!

How to Price Real Estate Photography

Ok, full disclosure…I got out of the real estate photography game a few years ago. But like myself, I would assume many architectural photographers used real estate as a launching pad for their professional careers. Via some other local photographers and “people watching” certain Facebook groups, I still keep my ear to the ground somewhat on this genre.

How To Create An Architectural Photography Book – Budapest Edition: Part One

Just writing about my first book – Budapest Architecture – here makes my heart beat fast. Before I jump into sharing the how behind this project, I think it is important to tell you the why. Since you’re reading this post on Mike Kelley’s APALMANAC, I assume you’ve already come across his book New Architecture Los Angeles.

How To Register Your Copyright in the United States

Coming off the heels of our recent article sharing Andrew Keithly’s excel macro to help speed up the process of filling out your copyright registration form, I thought it would be prudent to share another video with a more comprehensive breakdown detailing the process of copyright registration (in the US) – a start-to-finish explanation beginning with image prep all the way through the registration process. 

Save Time When Filling Out the Photo Copyright Registration Template

For U.S. based photographers, registering your images with the US Copyright Office will put you in the best possible position to claim any damages for any illegal use of your images. Submitting images in this way will register your claim to their copyright and then record your claim to its public database.

Billing and the Business of Architectural Photography

To make architectural photography your profession, you need to have more than just the skill to take beautiful photos. To make a living from it, you must be well aware of the value of your service. To build a viable practice as an architectural photographer, it’s important to know how to increase that value.

Dear Appy: Should We Trade Images for Access?

An APA reader asks: I was hired by a development company to photograph a handful of specific angles of a project that is completed. The images were delivered to the original developer client, and they are happy with them. I’ve already been paid for the job and figured it had been put to rest with everyone involved being happy.

Dear Appy: Including Wall Art in Photos

Marty C. asks: “If I am photographing a building or a house with artwork on the walls and a magazine wants to publish the images, are there copyright concerns regarding the artwork on the walls?” Excellent question, Marty. In short, there are certain considerations you should take into account when incorporating other creative works into your photographs.

How to License Your Photography – My Interview with Adam Taylor

If you’re a professional photographer, sooner or later you’ll come across the opportunity or be asked by a person/business (outside of one that initially hired you) for access to one or more of your photos for their marketing use. This is typically the first step in the process of licensing your work as a photographer.

Can a Photographer’s Image be Re-Posted on Social Media?

One of the most common forms of Copyright Infringement we come across as photographers is our images being on certain social media accounts or pages without our permission. Oddly enough, when the issue is even politely brought to the attention of the infringing account, the photographer can sometimes receive indifferent or even rude pushback.

Going Solo with Dennis Radermacher

Dennis Radermacher — our 3D printing hero, and Project of the Week star — has constructed a bit of a different gift to the architectural photographer community today. Weighing the pros cons of working with an assistant, Dennis delves into the nitty-gritty of shooting solo and why it works best for his architectural photography workflow.

Demystifying SEO for Architectural Photographers

I recently received a call from Martijn Koetsier, a SEO expert with whom I have regular contact. In order to broaden his horizons, he had decided to spend a day every now and then this year with someone who does something completely different from him.

How Much Are Architectural Photographers Charging and Earning? The First Results of the APA Census Are Here

After leaving the APAlmanac Architectural Photography Census open for almost six months in 2020, we are here to report the results. An incredible 1,259 professional architectural photographers from all over the world completed and contributed to the survey, which has provided an amazing cross section of how and why we’re working, where we struggle, where we succeed, and so much more.
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