Billing and the Business of Architectural Photography

Billing and the Business of Architectural Photography


To make architectural photography your profession, you need to have more than just the skill to take beautiful photos. To make a living from it, you must be well aware of the value of your service. To build a viable practice as an architectural photographer, it’s important to know how to increase that value. You can read the ins and outs in my eBook “The Value of Architectural Photography“. In short, you as the photographer must be able to:

  • listen very well to the wishes of the client
  • convert wishes (and their own creativity) into making the right images on location
  • master the post-production process down to the last detail; the influence of post-production as a style element in your portfolio cannot be overestimated
  • have an open mind for new developments: learning on the job and continuing that education

The one-million-dollar question for anyone who has to get assignments from the market as a self-employed person is: how do you determine how much to charge? Your own experience helps you with this, but also learning from others. So, have a look at this handy video by Steven Brooke, a seasoned architectural photographer with 35-plus years of experience. In the video, Steven shares valuable lessons about billing!

Rob van Esch is a Dutch architectural photographer. He works for a variety of clients. He has written "Trends in Architectural Photography - 2020" and "The Value of Architectural Photography". Both are eBooks and downloadable for free.
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