Trent Bell and Eugene Colberg Discuss the Relevance of Photography for Architects

Trent Bell and Eugene Colberg Discuss the Relevance of Photography for Architects


How can you make a living by doing what you love – for us, that’s taking photos of buildings and interiors – while there are thousands of others doing the same?

For me, there is only one answer to that question: learn how to add value to the business of your client. There are many different ways to make an impactful difference that allows you to stand out from your competition. As the market and your business shift, so will the changes that you need to implement. This is something I delve into in my free ebook that you can download here.

In that respect, listening to architects who are talking about the relevance of architectural photography for their business is very interesting. Trent Bell, a colleague with an architectural background who regularly publishes great podcasts, touches on this issue in a new episode of AD&P. Trent discusses the importance of photography with Eugene Colberg, founding principal of Colberg Architecture.

Eugene values the abilities of the photographer to translate 3D-spaces into 2D-images, and thinks it is a huge advantage that photographers are not emotionally involved in the projects as architects are. Therefore, they should be able to build a portfolio of the project that speaks for itself. Eugene couldn’t do without photos of his work, as this medium is the easiest and most accessible representation of spaces designed.

If you are interested in the podcast, please find it here or listen below. The segment on the relevance of architectural photography is between the 44 and 55 minute mark.

The podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Rob van Esch is a Dutch architectural photographer. He works for a variety of clients. He has written "Trends in Architectural Photography - 2020" and "The Value of Architectural Photography". Both are eBooks and downloadable for free.
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