The Road to Success With Photographer Joel Grimes

The Road to Success With Photographer Joel Grimes

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While he isn’t specifically in the architectural or interiors niche, Joel Grimes is an impressive photographer.

His portraits, landscapes, and composite images are of the highest quality. You could think of him as a performer in the Champions League of Photographers (sorry, I am European, so translated for my American friends: the Superbowl).

When not making photographs, Joel teaches classes. I personally have learned tremendously from his commercial lessons. Joel has just published a video on YouTube in which he shares the path to success for a photographer (or anyone chasing any other dream). I really would recommend watching it to everybody who is struggling (now and then) with the challenges of being a self-employed artist. That my friends, also goes for architectural photographers. Never give up!

Rob van Esch is a Dutch architectural photographer. He works for a variety of clients. He has written "Trends in Architectural Photography - 2020" and "The Value of Architectural Photography". Both are eBooks and downloadable for free.
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