Check Out This Art Collector’s Masterpiece Home In Madrid With Daniel Schäfer

Check Out This Art Collector’s Masterpiece Home In Madrid With Daniel Schäfer

This week’s featured project takes us to sunny Madrid to explore architect Ramón Esteve’s La Finca House. We’ll be checking out this gorgeous property by way of remarkable German architectural photographer Daniel Schäfer’s photographs, which were produced and styled by Cristina Gimenez.

Right off the bat, Daniel photographs La Finca House in a way that makes a huge impression. By orienting his camera vertically, he is able to capture the sheer height and staggered shape of this home. This perspective additionally allows us to see the reflections of La Finca in the pool, creating a monumental feeling in this scene. The hard shadows and directionality of the light plays up the linear design of the home. Everything feels bold and geometric, and I can’t wait to see more!

There is ample contrast and great little juxtapositions in this next scene that make it feel so balanced. The orange tones in the weathered steel are amplified by the blue sky and rich green grass. The hard rectangular shapes are softened by the fragile, round sculpture.

Speaking of the sculpture, this home was designed for contemporary art collectors who have an inclination for Latin American art. You’ll see more of their amazing collection — put together by art advisor Violeta Lekutanoy — in the frames to come.

Daniel set up his exterior photographs at a great time of day. The leading lines present in this view of the covered outdoor seating magnifies the amount of linear design features in this area. The rich mix of shadows and highlights creates a very contrasty feeling, and helps place us in the shade that this structure provides against the Sierra de Madrid sun.

A wide, overarching view of the primary living space showcases the floating stairs that lead to the loft area. By keeping the subtle reflections in the glass, Daniel’s photographs highlight the enormous glasswork around the house, without feeling distracting or artificial.

I could talk about the great shapely light pouring in from the mammoth windows across the geometric furniture, but instead, I’ll point out the true magic here. Props to Daniel for taking himself out of this gigantic mirrored art in all of the views of the living room. I’m sure it was a pain!

Check out these vignettes showing off the epic artwork here. I love that Daniel took the time to photograph the arrows by themselves to draw attention to what they are, which is very, very cool

This next photograph is one of my favorites because of the element of warmth it brings. Daniel does a great job of showing off the details in the custom cabinetry, the thoughtful interior design and styling, and does it all in a nice tight composition that draws our focus to these elements.

There is a lovely warmth and intimacy in this next photograph. Daniel captures the sense that this space feels like a private oasis. The one-point perspective shoots our eyes out along the lines of the vanity and tub, to the outdoor shower area. The reflections along the edge of the vanity and in the windows adds some visual interest and realism.

I don’t know about you, but this is hands down the coolest garage I’ve ever seen. It’s a testament to the beautiful design, beautiful art, and beautiful photography that makes La Finca house a stunning Project of the Week contender!

Many, many thanks to Daniel Schäfer for sharing this project with us. You can check out more of Daniel’s beautiful work on his website or on his Instagram @danielschaeferstudio.

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