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Howdy! I'm a Maryland-based photographer, retoucher, and writer. Here at APALMANAC, I curate Project of the Week and make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually catch me fishing or drinking a margarita.

The Unsent Postcard Project Gives Over-Instagrammed Architecture The Cold Shoulder

Close your eyes and think far back. Back before Covid ruined your travel plans. Now go even further back, before Instagram let you geotag your location — heck, even before Instagram itself. Think back to a time when phone cameras were terrible and you had to ration your texts and emails.

Photographer Sam Hartnett Brings Mood And Drama To A Project In Waiheke Island

This week’s featured project is a beauty out of New Zealand by photographer Sam Hartnett. Sam specializes in architecture photography and art documentation, and you’ll notice quickly that he crafts gorgeously composed images that have dramatic and directional light.

Tom Harris Uses Gorgeous Light to Chisel Out the Shapely Visual Arts Center at University of Iowa

We’re back with “Project of the Week” veteran Tom Harris! Today we’re checking out Tom’s gorgeous photographs of The University of Iowa’s Visual Arts Center designed by Steven Holl Architects. This project is a perfect example of how the time of day and lighting conditions affect both the mood of your photograph and the appearance of the architecture itself.

The BAAM Podcast Is Back With New Zealand Based Architectural Photographer Simon Devitt

After a Summer hiatus, the BAAM podcast is back with an extraordinary episode featuring one of my favorite photographers, Simon Devitt. BAAM hosts Barry MacKenzie and Andy Macpherson include a particular treat at the beginning of the episode, which is an incredibly insightful introduction by one of Simon’s clients, architect Paul Owen of Owen Architecture.

Explore The Polish Vistula Cabin With Warsaw Based Photographer Nate Cook

The Vistula is the longest river in Poland, and today we’re taking you on a little adventure there to check out a gorgeous cabin designed by Kama Czudowska. Warsaw based photographer Nate Cook was invited to stay at the Vistula Cabin, getting to document it throughout varying lighting conditions with little rush on his compositions.

Pippa Drummond Shows Off The Quiet Charm of RTA Studio’s E-Type House

If you’ve ever paged through Dwell or looked at a Herman Miller catalog, you’re already familiar with the work of New York based photographer Pippa Drummond. Pippa’s work is riddled with thoughtful compositions and post-processed in a way that lets the spaces speak for themselves.

Photographing California’s Prison Architecture With Chip Allen

I was perusing Instagram when I came upon a beautiful mid-century residential project photographed by California based architectural photographer Chip Allen. When I hopped over to his website, I learned that he has photographed some incredibly cool — and seemingly odd — civic architecture projects.

Maxime Brouillet Photographs An Angular Modern Cabin On the St. Lawrence River

Here on America’s East Coast, Fall weather is starting to creep in and I am officially looking forward to snow. If you’re hankering for the same cozy winter feel as me, I’ve got the perfect project for you to check out. Architectural photographer Maxime Brouillet was kind enough to share his beautiful photographs of Cabine A by one of my favorite Canadian architects, Bourgeois/Lechasseur.

Explore a Dual Faceted Montreal Bar with Atelier Welldone

If you love punchy colors, dark and moody interiors, and showcasing the utilization of space, today’s Project of the Week is for you! Today we’re checking out the Montreal bar Minéral by Blanchette Architectes. While the sun is in the sky, Minéral is a beautiful wine bar.

Photographing A Natural Dutch Beauty With Peter Tijhuis

Today we’re taking a little trip to the Netherlands with the ever so wonderful Amsterdam based photographer Peter Tijhuis. Peter will be walking us through his shoot of The Hietland designed by La-Di-Da Architects who are based out of The Hague Area of the Netherlands.

Jason O’Rear Conjures Helicopters and Magic to Photograph the Salesforce Tower

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects has always been esteemed for their mammoth landmarks. All around the globe, their colossal beauties stretch into the sky. One of their particular designs that I love — The Salesforce Tower —stands 1,070 feet tall in downtown San Francisco.

Shooting A Sustainable Shanghai Kitchen With Peter Dixie

Peter Dixie is a wonderful architectural and landscape photographer who calls Shanghai home, and operates under the name LOTAN Studio. This week we are exploring his photographs of The Zentral Kitchen by Lukstudio. The Zentral Kitchen is the first location for Shikaku — which strives to lessen the environmental impact of dining and food delivery.

Francis Dreis Photographs A Restored Mid-Century Beauty in Encino

Francis Dreis is my newest architectural photography crush, and it’ll be easy for you to see why after checking out this stellar set of images he crafted for Woods + Dangaran Architecture of their Clear Oak Drive project. Here you’ll find rich warm tones, dynamic light, and a strong inclusion of human element.

Estudio Palma Shows Off The Longlisted “Su Vertical Nos Retiene” in Santiago

Today we’re checking out one of Dezeen’s 2020 longlist pieces, Su Vertical Nos Retiene. Su Vertical Nos Retiene is a sculptural artwork in Santiago, Chile, designed by Fernando Prats and architecture studios Elton_Léniz and Cruz Mandiola. This urban art is longlisted for architectural lighting design in Dezeen’s 2020 awards thanks to the beautiful work of Limari Lighting Design.

Francisco Nogueira Photographs the Epic ME Dubai Hotel By Zaha Hadid

Welcome to the ME Dubai Hotel at the Opus, designed by architectural legend Zaha Hadid! Taking us on a little ole visual tour today is Lisbon based architectural photographer Francisco Nogueira. Francisco photographed this project just days before COVID19 forced the borders to be shut down, and fortunately so, because this series is a masterpiece.

Explore a 4,500 hectare Brazilian Coffee Farm With Photographer Nelson Kon

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it another one hundred times; Brazil’s architectural photographers and the wide gamut of projects that they photograph are incredible. Today, Brazilian architectural photographer Nelson Kon is sharing his photographs of Fazenda Rio Verde — a massive coffee farm outside Saõ Palo — with us.
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