No More Tall Buildings: China Declares an End to the Skyscraper Era

I am absolutely infatuated with tall buildings.  Mike Kelley has his airplanes, I’ve got my skyscrapers.  Or so I thought.  For more than two decades, China (where I am based) has experienced unprecedented growth in the number of constructed high-rise buildings, but alas we may be seeing the end of an era for skyscrapers in the Middle Kingdom. 

How to Watch Canon’s New Product Launch

Rumor season is over. On July 9th, Canon will be presenting their whole new lineup of products highlighting the RF mount system via live stream. The event — REIMAGINE — invites us to hear from Canon Ambassadors and experts on the biggest product launch yet.

Pascal Molenat of OTJ Architects Talks Architecture Design & Photography

Back in 2016, I had this dream of wanting to photograph projects in the US and I had very little knowledge of how American architects commissioned photographers moreover what their style/requirements were. What I had observed was that there was a distinct difference in interior architecture between styles between New York and Australia which often dictated how projects were photographed.

Permission Required: An Update For Embedding Instagram Content

We are in the midst of a digitalization era where information is shared faster and in greater amounts than ever before. In order to guarantee the future of photographers, designers, and creators careers, proper copyright and credit on digital platforms must be a latent topic of discussion among the community.

Renowned Architect Bjarke Ingles’ Different Angles Interview

Back in 2016, I remember the opening scene to Marvel’s Dr Strange trailer which showed a snippet of the Manhattan skyline and as an architecture buff, I couldn’t help myself grin when I noticed Bjarke Ingles’ W57 project firmly asserting itself in the scene.

ADFF:Online Is Back With Another Four Architectural Films in May

Last month, the Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF) launched its first online program as a response to the COVID-19 breakout and due to the success of their April programme they have announced another four film in May. Each film is screened daily starting on 17th and running until the 20th with two broadcasts starting at 8pm ET and 8pm PT, and each film ticket costing US$0.99.

Learning About Architectural Context and Narrative With Brickworks

One of the things I love about good architecture is the design narrative of a project. The narrative allows one to appreciate how the architect uses the surroundings and history to inform their architectural intent. Over the last couple of years, one of the best ways to learn these are through architectural talks hosted in Melbourne.

PhaseOne’s Artist Talk Series Goes Live With Andrew Latreille

We are currently living in an unusual and amazing time where you can take a free Harvard course on architecture, catch your favorite band in concert, learn an instrument on an app, see your family across the country, and now, watch an incredible architectural photographer divulge his process, all without leaving your couch!When

Capture One Pro Webinar for Architectural Photography with Jeffrey Totaro

During my recent interview with Jeffrey Totaro, he had mentioned that Capture One Pro is a huge part of his post-production workflow. He has partnered up with Digital Transitions to run a Capture One webinar on April 17th. More specifically looking at how Capture One Pro integrates into his workflow and giving an in-depth look at how he uses the application both in the field and back in the studio.

BAAM Podcast Fires Up Again With Doublespace Photography

BAAM Podcast has broken its radio silence with a beautiful episode featuring one (er…two) of my favorite architectural photographers, Doublespace Photography. After a brief hiatus for technical and personal reasons, the podcast is back in full force and chock full of free knowledge.

Lightroom Just Received a Huge Workflow Update: Are You Switching Back?

Adobe has recently updated Lightroom and some of the new features are pretty useful. As architectural photographers, I’m sure most of us are pretty familiar with having huge numbers of layers in Photoshop. Light painting and compositing can cost a lot of storage and many of us have become accustomed to using PSB files, especially with the advent of higher-megapixel cameras where only a few layers will put you over the size limit.
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