See The Power Structures Exhibition In Person This June

Power Structures is a new photographic exhibition co-curated by architectural photographer Luke O’Donovan and architect/urban planner and photographer Francisco Ibáñez Hantke. The exhibition focuses on how socioeconomic and political structures shape the built environment and the far-reaching footprint of urban expansion.

The Results Are In On Architizer’s 2021 One Photo Challenge

Each year Architizer holds the widely known A+ awards, celebrating the greatest architectural achievements of the year. They also hold the “One Photo Challenge” which asks participants “can you capture a single photograph that tells a compelling story about architecture and its inhabitants?”

Tangibility in the Digital Age: Mass Collective’s Print Shop

Our friends in architecture photography Mass Collective sure have grown this year. With humble beginnings as 4 photographers meeting up in a pub and chatting about their practices, to hosting the ZoomedIn Festival, industry talks, and online galleries, they’re now giving us something tangible — a print shop.

DJI’s Latest Drone Release – The DJI Air 2S

In the middle of last month, Chinese tech company DJI made somewhat of a surprise announcement when they unveiled a new drone – the DJI Air 2S.  This unexpected upgrade brings with it a larger, 1-inch sensor able to capture 20-megapixel images and record in 5.4k – specs previously reserved only for larger drones. 

Can Exposure Pay The Bills? Mass Collective Talks Licensing and Pricing in ‘CREDIT FOR BREAKFAST’

It seems like more than ever, architectural photographers are battling copyright infringement, ignorance towards licensing, and confusion over usage rights — not to mention the dreaded “but this will be great exposure” remark. On Wednesday, April 28th 2021 at 7:00 pm BST (2:00 pm EST) Mass Collective in collaboration with VIEW Pictures will be hosting an online talk discussing the importance of licensing and contracts in the photography business.

3D Print Lightforge’s Camranger2 Arca Plate Adapter

I love when I see Dennis Radermacher’s name in my inbox because it means he has conjured up another brilliant 3D printed solution to one of the many small frustrations we photographers run into. For those of us who have made it part of our workflow, I think we can all agree that the Camranger platform is incredible and powerful, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to —well—where to put it.

Take A Look Into the Life and Work of Legendary German Designer Dieter Rams

Many of my introductions to world-famous designers happened through conversations with friends who are very heavily entrenched in the design sphere. The introduction to Dieter Rams came by way of a friend, John Bastiras, who is perhaps the only person I know who possesses a vast knowledge of Australian architecture in the world of cycling (my other love).

Elevation – How Drones Will Change Cities – A Documentary by Dezeen

While I continue to wait (now, somewhat impatiently) for DJI to release the latest edition of their Mavic Pro series, I thought I’d share a video Dezeen produced about the impact drones will have (or perhaps already are having) on our lives and the way we relate to each other across space and the cities we live in. 

Join The Crew: APALMANAC is Hiring

Shew! Can you believe the second birthday of APALMANAC’s first published article is coming up? Call us nostalgic but we’ve been reflecting on our growth — not just as a website, but as a community. It seems as if the shroud surrounding the tiny niche of architectural and interiors photography has been drawn back, revealing an incredible network of people who are eager to share advice, workflows, pricing, and business strategy — and we are so proud to play a little part in helping expand that community.

The CASE Act Passed, and I’m Not Happy

As a photographer who consistently enforces my copyrights and encourages others to do the same, colleagues are often surprised to learn that I do not support the CASE Act in its current form. At first glance, it sounds amazing: a low-cost, fast, informal way to resolve infringement claims, presumably without even the need for an attorney. A more thorough review of the Act’s provisions, however, reveals numerous caveats that, in my opinion, will be very easy for a resourceful infringer to exploit.

Here’s Your Chance to Attend Jeffrey Totaro’s Virtual Workshop for Architectural and Interior Photography

Early last year, I had interviewed Pennsylvania based photographer, Jeffrey Totatro. Since 2008, Jeffrey has been hosting an architectural photography workshop in collaboration with the Palm Beach Photographic Centre. The four day workshop will consist of two 2-hour long sessions each day and include time for questions Due to the current COVID pandemic, his 2021 workshop will be hosted virtually over Zoom.

Capture One 21: Big Update?

When it comes to RAW photo editing software there are two major players: Lightroom and Capture One. I am always open to learning new software and I have tried to transport my whole editing process from Lr to C1 a couple of times before. C1s latest upgrade had a lot of marketing around it, so I decided to check the new features.

ADFF:Online Final Session For 2020

The Architecture & Design Film Festival has taken its screening online this year due to covid. Starting November 19th, the ADFF will be presenting their final session of the year. The final session will feature 15 full-length films that come from 13 countries across both hemispheres, including a couple of short films by Jim Stephenson whom I had interviewed earlier in the year.

The BAAM Podcast Is Back With New Zealand Based Architectural Photographer Simon Devitt

After a Summer hiatus, the BAAM podcast is back with an extraordinary episode featuring one of my favorite photographers, Simon Devitt. BAAM hosts Barry MacKenzie and Andy Macpherson include a particular treat at the beginning of the episode, which is an incredibly insightful introduction by one of Simon’s clients, architect Paul Owen of Owen Architecture.

Scott Burrows Talking Copyright With The Australian Institute of Architects

Copyright infringement is a prevalent issue among photographers. There have been several articles on APAlmanac discussing copyright infringements in various forms. I have noticed that whenever copyright is discussed, it is more from the North American perspective rather than an Australian perspective.

Aputure Announces The Ultimate Smart Light Bulb, Accent B7c

Recently, Aputure announced its latest LED-based 7 watt smart light bulb, Accent B7c. There are a plethora of smart bulbs on the market but what sets this smart bulb apart from that rest is that it was specifically designed for filmmakers and addressing three use cases: Implementing high colour fidelity based on the RGBWW specification and flexible colour temperature (2000K to 10000K), 100% flicker-free operation and wireless connectivity through Bluetooth Mesh network.

AI-Powered Sky Replacement Tool Coming to Adobe Photoshop

Sky replacements have long been standard practice in architectural photography. However, the existing tools to do so remain, in my opinion, somewhat haphazard. Some skies are an easy slam-dunk, capable of being replaced in a few clicks using something as simple as the Tragic Wand or Quick Selection tool.
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