Aputure Announces The Ultimate  Smart Light Bulb, Accent B7c

Aputure Announces The Ultimate Smart Light Bulb, Accent B7c


Recently, Aputure announced its latest LED-based 7 watt smart light bulb, Accent B7c. There are a plethora of smart bulbs on the market but what sets this smart bulb apart from that rest is that it was specifically designed for filmmakers and addressing three use cases: Implementing high colour fidelity based on the RGBWW specification and flexible colour temperature (2000K to 10000K), 100% flicker-free operation and wireless connectivity through Bluetooth Mesh network.

Albeit Aputure being a cinema technology company developing lighting equipment for filmmakers and videographers, their latest smart light bulb is the perfect companion for any photographer involved in real estate or interiors photography. One of the common issues, faced by any photographer photographing interiors is the inconsistency in dealing with a myriad of light sources affecting the overall colour temperature. Amongst the many features of the Accent B7c, is the ability to match the colour temperature of the room’s dominant light source through its companion smartphone software application and adjust the colour temperature of the bulb accordingly.

The other highlights of the smart bulb include compatibility with the E26/27 socket, implying it will work with any household socketed lighting fixture. In addition to working with AC power, it also has a built-in battery that can provide 70 minutes of light at full power and 20 hours of light at minimum power.

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