Join The Crew: APALMANAC is Hiring

Join The Crew: APALMANAC is Hiring


Shew! Can you believe the second birthday of APALMANAC’s first published article is coming up? Call us nostalgic but we’ve been reflecting on our growth — not just as a website, but as a community. It seems as if the shroud surrounding the tiny niche of architectural and interiors photography has been drawn back, revealing an incredible network of people who are eager to share advice, workflows, pricing, and business strategy — and we are so proud to play a little part in helping expand that community.

Now, as we enter another year of compiling resources and inspiration for architectural photographers, we’re looking to add two writers to our team!

We On The Hunt For A:

Staff Writer With an Emphasis on Post-Processing

We’re looking for a post-processing whiz to speak on all things in the realm of editing and retouching. Our ideal candidate is curious and passionate about exploring and teaching the minutiae of post-processing.

We are looking for someone who is eager to share the “In’s and Out’s” of their own workflow, as well as interviewing and dissecting the processes of others.

Staff Writer With an Emphasis on Gear and Equipment

There has never been a group who loves to gear-talk more than architectural photographers. We’re on the lookout for someone excited to talk about gear, tech, and all things equipment related. Gear reviews, product launches, and everything in between — if you love talking tools, give us a shout!

Ready to Apply?

APA requires a minimum of 2 articles per month from our writers. You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Tolkien, but we do ask that you have a good understanding of English and grammar, a good sense of humor, and a love of architectural photography!

All posts are paid, between $15 and $100 per post, depending on length and content.

Send us an email with the position you’re applying for and a bit about yourself to

Howdy! I'm Lexi. I write and make photographs. I love being outside and listening to '00s indie rock.
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