3D Print Lightforge’s Camranger2 Arca Plate Adapter

3D Print Lightforge’s Camranger2 Arca Plate Adapter

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I love when I see Dennis Radermacher’s name in my inbox because it means he has conjured up another brilliant 3D printed solution to one of the many small frustrations we photographers run into.

For those of us who have made it part of our workflow, I think we can all agree that the Camranger platform is incredible and powerful, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to —well—where to put it. Dennis has engineered an awesome adapter to neatly secure the Camranger 2 to a Peak Design Arca plate. This is a very specific solution that works for a very specific set of gear, but if it is something you can use, hop over to Dennis’ site to get more information, have your questions answered, and get the adapter print plans.

If you’re looking for more of Dennis’s 3D printed solutions, check out the TS-E Knobby and the Lee Filter Bumper Cage.

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