See The Power Structures Exhibition In Person This June

See The Power Structures Exhibition In Person This June

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Power Structures is a new photographic exhibition co-curated by architectural photographer Luke O’Donovan and architect/urban planner and photographer Francisco Ibáñez Hantke. The exhibition focuses on how socioeconomic and political structures shape the built environment and the far-reaching footprint of urban expansion. This in-person (yay!) exhibition will be held in real, physical, galleries in Glasgow and London this June.

“The environmental transformation of recent years has gone hand in hand with social, political, and economic upheaval across the globe. The Power Structures exhibition seeks to make the unseen and often intangible powers that drive these changes visible, through the ways in which they have come to dictate the forms of buildings and cities around the world.”

The Artists

Power Structures “features both emerging and established artists from around the world, who together provide an international perspective on some of the defining issues of our time. Whilst the exhibited works draw upon a variety of artistic techniques and cultural influences, there is an inescapable interconnectedness between the subject matter of images produced on opposite sides of the planet.”

You can expect to see work by Catherine Hyland, Cristobal Palma, Finbarr Fallon, Francisco Ibáñez Hantke, Hagit Keysar, Hashem Shakeri,Henrietta Willaims and Anna Minton (writer), Jana Sophia Nolle, Luke O’Donovan, Marcos Zegers, Noelle Mason, Tim Crocker, and Tom Hegen.


Power Structures will be in:

Glasgow, UK

Saturday June 5th – Sunday June 6th, 11AM–6PM at Many Studios, 3 Ross Street, G1 5AR and is part of the Architecture Fringe Programme

London, UK

Tuesday June 22nd — Saturday June 26th, 11AM–6PM at Bermondsey Project Space, 183-185 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3UW and is part of the London Festival of Architecture programme

For more information on the Power Structures exhibition, and to register for your location of choice, head over to the Power Structures site and keep up on Instagram via Instagram: @powerstructures

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