A Serene Set of Spanish Interiors As Photographed By Tomeu Canyellas

A Serene Set of Spanish Interiors As Photographed By Tomeu Canyellas

Project of the Week

This week’s featured project takes us back to Spain with architectural photographer Tomeu Canyellas. Tomeu has a brilliant set of photographs of OD House for Jorge Bibiloni Studio. Tomeu is the king of great compositions and repetition through leading lines. Let’s check out this beautiful series!

Tomeu introduces us to this project by sharing “This home, situated in the area of Alaró (Mallorca, Spain), has incomparable views of the Tramuntana mountain range. The project blends Mediterranean living, architecture, and interiors, giving great importance to the use of natural light. This project was shot during only half a day because of the weather.”

This project in particular has a bit of softer light and a more delicate feel than some of Tomeu’s more typical bright and dynamic Mallorcan homes. I think that the massive storm on the horizon turned out in his favor though, and there is a quiet and simple feel brought about by the soft light that works perfectly with the interior of this home.

My favorite thing about this project was the warm and inviting feel it gives off. Tomeu explains “My process radically changes from project to project depending on the needs and condition of each one. I usually work a full day or two on each one to capture the best possible light on each area. I tend to do exteriors in the early morning and afternoon and the interiors at noon and also in the late afternoon. Sometimes I work with stylists but most of the time I arrange the house myself with help of the architect and interior designer.”

Tomeu’s compositions create enough space for our eyes to not feel overwhelmed or crowded, yet there is an air of intimacy and a sort of tactile quality that places us in this project. I enjoy the graphic quality of this image and the way the timbers in the ceiling create a rhythm that continues to carry our eyes along the leading lines and edges, and into the back room.

Tomeu shares “I really love very simple and minimalistic images. In this series, my favourite image is the picture of the shelves with the chair.” I am a big fan of these vignettes as well, and think they contribute nicely to the story of this home for his client, the interior designer.

We get another gorgeous minimal photograph here. It’s a perfect example of letting the light and form do all of the talking. This strong and geometric composition really drives home the simple linear shapes that make up OD House.

I just love this image! There are so many great things happening, from the way the light carves out the shapes and accentuates the linear elements like the bulkhead and the cabinet, to the timbers that move our eyes to the center of the frame and into that perfectly illuminated back bedroom. You guys already know that I love a good figure in a scene to add movement and scale. In this case, the motion of the blur helps us to extrapolate that the person is walking up the staircase from the last image.

A tighter and more graphic composition really focuses our attention on the doorway to the bedroom. We are given just enough of a view to hint at the bedroom and its most interesting features without needing an entirely separate image of it.

In regards to his gear, Tomeu shares “For this particular shoot I used a full-frame camera with a 50mm and a 24mm tilt-shift lens. I also use a medium format camera for some projects. I am planning to use the medium format more often because I love the color depth and sense of space that is given by this kind of camera. My post-processing was done with Lightroom — mainly for adjusting the color temperature, which is the most important and difficult setting for me! Retouching was done in Photoshop. I always try not to overprocess my pictures, so as to give off a natural sense.”

A big thank you to Tomeu for sharing his work with us! You can see more by checking out tomeucanyellas.com and if you love architecture AND gorgeous landscapes, I would recommend following @tomeucanyellasphoto on Instagram. I just love scrolling through Tomeu’s profile!

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