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Howdy! I'm a Maryland-based photographer, retoucher, and writer. Here at APALMANAC, I curate Project of the Week and make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually catch me fishing or drinking a margarita.

Photographer Paulina Ojeda Shows Us the German Greenhouse Inspired Merz Haus

This week’s featured project takes us to a small German village with photographer Paulina Ojeda. Paulina’s work sports a very natural and unfussy style, giving off a solid sense of place that works perfectly for the greenhouse-inspired “Merz Haus,” by architect Otto Merz.

Attend The 17th Annual Venice Biennale This Summer

It’s time for the 17th annual Venice Biennale! May 22nd through November 21st 2021, the Biennale Architettura explores the theme “How Will We Live Together?” can be attended in Venice, Giardini, and Arsenale. The Biennale features international architecture and is curated by Lebanese architect Hashim Sarkisand.

Photographing Desert Modern Architecture With Roehner + Ryan

We’re back with the Arizona-based super duo Roehner + Ryan for this week’s featured project! Today we are taking a look at their ultra clean, ultra sexy, ultra gorgeous photographs of NVK Design’s Osborn Residence. Jason Roehner shares that Osborn Residence came about when “the owner bought an older ranch style home to tear down.

See The Power Structures Exhibition In Person This June

Power Structures is a new photographic exhibition co-curated by architectural photographer Luke O’Donovan and architect/urban planner and photographer Francisco Ibáñez Hantke. The exhibition focuses on how socioeconomic and political structures shape the built environment and the far-reaching footprint of urban expansion.

Tom Blachford Takes Us Back To The Future of Japan In “Nihon Noir”

Welcome back to another rad Project of the Week by Australian architectural photographer Tom Blachford! If, like me, you also drooled over the series Midnight Modern where he photographed Palm Spring’s finest by the light of the full moon, you can expect more nighttime shenanigans from Tom’s second personal project Nihon Noir.

Garett Buell Walks Us Through Photographing a Tiny Home on an Amish Apple Farm

I love the expansive scope of what architecture photography can be. Garett Buell of StudioBuell‘s work is a prime example. Some days he’s in Nashville shooting “Gilly Huts,” other’s he photographing penthouses downtown, but today Garett is taking us on a fun departure from sprawling mod mansions and skyscrapers to a snowy Amish apple orchard in Pennsylvania.

The Results Are In On Architizer’s 2021 One Photo Challenge

Each year Architizer holds the widely known A+ awards, celebrating the greatest architectural achievements of the year. They also hold the “One Photo Challenge” which asks participants “can you capture a single photograph that tells a compelling story about architecture and its inhabitants?”

Photographing Contemporary Mexican Architecture with Ariadna Polo

Buckle up! Today’s Project of the Week takes us to Querétaro with architectural photographer Ariadna Polo. We’ll be taking a look at some dreamy photographs of a contemporary piece of Mexican architecture — MM House by architect Matthew Schmidt. Ariadna kicks things off by sharing with us “It was a great session, MM House is located in a small 9 house complex that was designed by the same architect, Mathew Schmidt.

Tangibility in the Digital Age: Mass Collective’s Print Shop

Our friends in architecture photography Mass Collective sure have grown this year. With humble beginnings as 4 photographers meeting up in a pub and chatting about their practices, to hosting the ZoomedIn Festival, industry talks, and online galleries, they’re now giving us something tangible — a print shop.

Engineer Turned Photographer Ales Vyslouzil Gets A Foothold In The UAE Market

Ales Vyslouzil is an interesting man. He has moved back and forth between the Czech Republic and Dubai. Ales was once an engineer but decided he hated it and changed plans after a heart-to-heart chat with a friend. The trajectory of his career and his life is fascinating and empowering.

A Serene Set of Spanish Interiors As Photographed By Tomeu Canyellas

This week’s featured project takes us back to Spain with architectural photographer Tomeu Canyellas. Tomeu has a brilliant set of photographs of OD House for Jorge Bibiloni Studio. Tomeu is the king of great compositions and repetition through leading lines.

Can Exposure Pay The Bills? Mass Collective Talks Licensing and Pricing in ‘CREDIT FOR BREAKFAST’

It seems like more than ever, architectural photographers are battling copyright infringement, ignorance towards licensing, and confusion over usage rights — not to mention the dreaded “but this will be great exposure” remark. On Wednesday, April 28th 2021 at 7:00 pm BST (2:00 pm EST) Mass Collective in collaboration with VIEW Pictures will be hosting an online talk discussing the importance of licensing and contracts in the photography business.

Brian Ferry Photographs the Pinwheel Inspired “Dutchess County” by GRT Architects

On a Sunday morning back in the fall, I was paging through Dwell, scouring it for ideas to inform my own home remodel, and came across GRT Architects Dutchess County, which is a gorgeous piece of architecture. The only thing I loved more than the house though, was its photographs, expertly crafted by New York based photographer Brian Ferry.

Catalin Marin of Momentary Awe Documents Foster and Partners New ‘House of Wisdom’ in Sharjah

Catalin Marin of Momentary Awe is back on Project of the Week with another extraordinary set of images of an epic building! Today we’ll be checking out his photographs of Foster and Partners The House of Wisdom. He kicks things off by telling us “Sharjah, one of the UAE’s seven emirates has been investing heavily in cultural institutions in the last few years and in 2019 held the UNESCO World Book Capital title.

3D Print Lightforge’s Camranger2 Arca Plate Adapter

I love when I see Dennis Radermacher’s name in my inbox because it means he has conjured up another brilliant 3D printed solution to one of the many small frustrations we photographers run into. For those of us who have made it part of our workflow, I think we can all agree that the Camranger platform is incredible and powerful, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to —well—where to put it.

A Perfect Greek Hilltop Villa Photographed by Athens Based Ioanna Roufopoulou

Today we’re taking a little trip to where no Project of the Week has gone before — Greece! I’ve had my eye on the incredible work of Athens-based architectural photographer Ioanna Roufopoulou for quite some time now, and am excited to share this series with you.

Nikola Olic Travels the Globe Crafting Abstract Architectural Images

We’re shaking things up this Project of the Week with a very cool series put together by photographer Nikola Olic. Nikola is a Serbian photographer living in Dallas, Texas, and has compiled a project in which architectural photography is combined with “abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways.”

Michael Kai Photographs A Remodeled Victorian Home In Melbourne

Today we’re being treated to a little tour of a house called Windsor Terrace by Melbourne-based photographer Michael Kai. Michael specializes in advertisements, portraits, and architecture. His work is very cool and complex, and this particular project is the embodiment of that.
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