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Based in Ajak, Hungary, I am a father, husband, and architectural photographer - these three "roles" fills my entire life. When I'm not with my family, you can find me photographing architecture, cheering for AC Milan (have been a fan since birth!) or out for a run.

Photographing a Project Over the Course of Two Years – The Hungarian House of Music

It’s very difficult to start telling a story when you don’t really know where to start. Maybe it was in 2015 or 2016 when I first came across the visual designs, which immediately piqued my interest. An incomparable building was visible on them, one that I had never seen anywhere before, let alone in Hungary — it was a rendering of the future Hungarian House of Music.

Can You Use a Canon 50mm Tilt-Shift Lens on a Nikon Mirrorless Camera?

Ever since I started my journey as an architectural photographer, I’ve had to face a big dilemma. I learned the basics of photography with Nikon cameras, so when I got to the point where I really needed to use tilt-shift lenses in my architectural photography work – I was left wanting.

Which Sky Replacement Software Works Best?

Sky replacement is a tool every architectural photographer needs to know. I personally use it very rarely, but there are times when this type of knowledge comes in handy. If you’ve ever seen Mike Kelley’s Where Art Meets Architecture series, then you know that he talks about sky replacements in-depth in the second part of WAMA 2.

DJI Mavic 3 – It Is Finally As Good As We Wanted

I wrote about the DJI Mavic 3 drone in March, and at the end of the article, I shared my wish for its improvement, saying “There are many unique benefits we get with this new drone, but there are still flaws. I hope that the Mavic 3’s issues can be resolved with software updates down the road, as they have done so far.”

DJI Mavic 3 – Is It Worth the Price?

The first DJI Mavic Pro was announced in September 2016 and released in late 2016. The small size and the foldable design made me absolutely love it. I used the Mavic Pro for 2 years, and I was very pleased by its capabilities. I even won an architectural photography contest here in Hungary with an image created using that drone.

How To Create An Architectural Photography Book – Budapest Edition: Part One

Just writing about my first book – Budapest Architecture – here makes my heart beat fast. Before I jump into sharing the how behind this project, I think it is important to tell you the why. Since you’re reading this post on Mike Kelley’s APALMANAC, I assume you’ve already come across his book New Architecture Los Angeles.

Dear Appy: Should We Trade Images for Access?

An APA reader asks: I was hired by a development company to photograph a handful of specific angles of a project that is completed. The images were delivered to the original developer client, and they are happy with them. I’ve already been paid for the job and figured it had been put to rest with everyone involved being happy.

Post-Production From Start To Finish: My Workflow on Location

When I wrote the first part of this series, I intended to only talk about post-production, but the way I tend to photograph projects affects a lot of my post-production techniques. I’m the guy who likes to shoot as many angels as I found interesting enough to photograph, which ends up being a selection nightmare as I sit in front of the computer.

Good News From Central Europe: Business Is Beginning to Come Back

I hope everyone has been able to stay healthy through these past few months and that you’re looking forward to working again. Over the last few weeks, as restrictions have been relaxed here in Hungary, it feels wonderful to be able to get out and shoot, even if precautions and distancing have kept things a little bit different than normal.

Bidding and Estimating: How I Landed A Dream Assignment in Europe

Since the beginning of my photography career, I’ve had a list of projects that I dreamed of shooting. While most of the projects were out of my reach at the time, as my career has grown, buildings on my “dream assignment” list have become more accessible — while my goal list has grown!

Lightroom’s HDR Merge in Depth

In my previous article, I admitted to both using Lightroom’s HDR function and showing that it’s a viable solution for professional architectural photography. There are many benefits to post processing with this technique, because what you end up with is still a RAW file, you can play with white balance, shadows and highlights exactly like on a single capture, but with the extended dynamic range offered by a blended HDR file.

How to Use HDR and Get Away With It

HDR has become a dirty word in professional architectural photography. We’ve all seen the over-processed HDR real estate photos where the colors and tones are off, and everything looks crispy and awful. Don’t get me wrong; tasteful HDR like the work of Trey Ratcliff as an artistic choice, now that can be cool.

When Your Lenses Just Aren’t Long Enough, it’s Time For an Extender

There are many situations where the 24mm TS (Nikon or Canon) — our standard lens for architectural photography — isn’t quite long enough. Maybe you want to make a detailed vignette. Maybe you’d like to hide the side of a building which doesn’t look so great.

Photographing A Hungarian Countryside Home, Part 3: The Kitchen Shot

We have arrived at my third and final image in this series, and this time, we’re photographing an interior. In the first two articles, I showed how I create twilight and daylight exterior images. To create this image, I used just a handful of techniques, such as blending different exposures, cloning, cropping and making some color adjustments.

Photographing A Hungarian Countryside Home, Part Two: With or Without You?

In part two of my behind-the-scenes series in the Hungarian countryside, I’m going to jump into (ha ha…) a more complicated daylight image that I created. This image, like anything in architectural photography, contains quite a bit more than meets the eye, and utilized many different techniques to put together a visually harmonious image.

How I Photographed This Contemporary Home in the Hungarian Countryside

My name is György Palko, and I’m an architectural photographer based in Hungary. For my first post on APA, I’m going to share how I edited one of my favorite twilight images. To perfect this image, I used a wide range of techniques including exposure blending, color correction, cloning and sky replacement.
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