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Howdy! I'm a Maryland-based photographer, retoucher, and writer. Here at APALMANAC, I curate Project of the Week and make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually catch me fishing or drinking a margarita.

Four Awesome Ideas From Around the Architectural Photography Community

I love seeing the brilliant ideas photographers put into place on their websites, Instagrams, or mention in forums. I’ve noticed that the ones I’m particularly drawn to have less to do with how to make great photos, and more to do with how to run a great business.

Marnie Hawson on Photographing Sustainable Architecture at Brave New Eco’s Enduring House

I love everything about Marnie Hawson – her work, her goals, her inclusion of dogs in a shot whenever possible. Marnie is just the coolest. She is a one-woman certified B Corp photographing exclusively sustainable architecture. For those of her who are familiar with her frequently published, outrageously beautiful work, you are no stranger to what you’ll see in this edition of Project of the Week.

Meet Ukrainian Architectural Photography Retoucher Dmitry Provalov

Today I’d like you to meet architectural photography retoucher Dmitry Provalov. Dmitry is based in Ukraine, and despite being in the midst of a war that threatens his livelihood, his safety, and his way of life, Dmitry works on. Not only does he have a wife and a daughter to support, but Dmitry employs other retouchers from around Kiyv, spreading the income and workload around.

Check out Mujib Ojeifo’s Beautiful Photographs of a Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria

Meet Mujib Ojeifo, an architectural photographer based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Mujib has his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s in Facilities Management. He started his photography career in 2017 as a wedding photographer. A longtime admirer of buildings, Mujib took photos of architecture on his phone as a hobby.

The 2021 Project of the Year Award Winners

The wait is over! It’s finally time to reveal the finalists for the 2021 Project of the Year award. There were so many phenomenal entries for this category – and if you remember the two-part Project of the Year Award longlist – you know that the judges really had their work cut out for them to narrow down their choices.

The 2021 Photo of the Year Award Winners

The 2021 Photo of the Year Award was our simplest, but most impactful, submission category. All we required was a singular captivating and memorable image of the built environment. Our judges were looking for photographs that masterfully relayed a sense of place, beauty, and design prowess found in the architectural world.

The 2021 Early Career and Emerging Talent Award Winners

Of all of the categories for the 2021 Architectural Photography Awards, the Early Career and Emerging Talent award was hands down the most popular. Not only were we blown away by the sheer quantity of new architectural and interiors photographs on the scene, but also by the high quality of the submissions.

Photographing Bespoke Cabinetry and Millwork With Tony Colangelo

Today we’re checking out an absolutely beautiful project by the wonderful photographer, Tony Colangelo! Tony was hired by his long-time client South Shore Cabinetry (SSC) to photograph a stunning cabinetry/millwork installation in their recent project.

Rex Zou and Aaron Shao Share a 5 Day Shoot at a Shopping Complex in Shanghai

This week’s featured project takes us all the way to Shanghai with architectural photographer Rex Zou. I’ve been following Rex’s work for a while now, and love both his clean style, and his penchant for documenting massive buildings in bustling cityscapes.

Learn About Komorebi, The Berlin Wall, and Time Management With Photographer Josh Bustos

Today’s very cool project is by Californian architectural photographer Josh Bustos. The architecture of Canyon Canopy House itself is classic Californian – full of clerestory windows, texture, vaulted ceilings, and yet a quiet simplicity. The house is a lovely backdrop for an incredible selection of art – including bits of the Berlin Wall!

‘A Print for Ukraine’

Our friends at Mass Collective have put together a wonderful initiative called ‘A Print for Ukraine,’ specifically geared toward architectural photographers who are seeking ways to help support Ukrainian people affected by the ongoing Russian invasion: Photographers documenting architecture and the built environment from around the world have joined forces to offer their work for sale in aid of those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, in an initiative organized by the London-based Mass Collective.

Luis Abba Transports Us to a Beautiful Home Outside the Foothills of the Andes

This week’s featured project is absolutely stunning. This curious and charming piece of residential architecture has been masterfully photographed by Luis Abba, an architectural photographer working in Mendoza, Argentina. Luis has documented Alberto Tonconogy & Asociados‘ Casa de Piedra in a way that infuses the photographs with a sense of place and time.

Take a Trip to the Louisville Waterfront Botanical Gardens With Architectural Photographer Justin Jordan

Meet my new friend, Louisville Kentucky based architectural photographer Justin L. Jordan! Justin’s lovely work sports a cleanness and crispness that I admire. While this project itself is different from the majority of his portfolio – which includes a healthy dosage of residential projects, interiors, and glossy renditions of corporate offices and buildings – Justin’s shoot for Louisville’s Waterfront Botanical Gardens fits perfectly in his body of work.

It’s Mezcal Time: Onnis Luque Shares His Experience Photographing a Palenque Mezcalero in Xaagá

Welcome to Casa Silencio, a boutique hotel and Palenque mezcalero for El Silencio mezcal in Xaagá Mexico. This retreat honors the ancient art and ceremonial process of making mezcal. It lies about 50 minutes outside of Oaxaca, inhabiting a former mezcal production facility that has since been overhauled by Mexico-based architect Alejandro D´Acosta.

Check Out This Peaceful Modern Lake Retreat Photographed By Maxime Brouillet

Today we are heading to a modern family home on Lake Brome by Atelier Pierre Thibault. Wonderful Project of the Week veteran Maxime Brouillet, whose beautiful style you may remember from his photographs of an angular cabin on the St. Laurence river, has masterfully documeneted this tranquil retreat.

Laurent Kronental’s Souvenir d’un Futur Project

This week’s featured project is a truly brilliant series by Parisian photographer Laurent Kronental. Laurent’s series Souvenir d’un Futur documents the lives of senior citizens who live in “Grands Ensembles” (large housing projects) around Paris.

Step Inside BlackCliff House With Award-Winning Architectural Photographer Ema Peter

In 2021, Architizer voted Ema Peter one of the top 5 architectural photography studios in the world. It is easy to see why. She makes stunning image after image and portrays projects in a way that shows the cleverness of the architecture, as well as its use and relation to humanity.

Check Out This Contemporary Polish Home as Photographed by Piotr Krajewski

Today’s featured project takes us to Konin, Poland where we’ll be checking out a contemporary residence by STOPROCENT Architekci called “K House.” K House was built over a long span of time. It was started in 2012, and after many unforeseen circumstances and changes, it was finally wrapped up in 2021!

You Should Be Charging Licensing Fees for Publication Use of Your Images

You just wrapped up an amazing shoot and delivered the images to your client, who loves them as always. A week or two later, you’re contacted by a publication asking to use the images in a story they are running. This is awesome! You’re over the moon and swelling with pride.
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