Kevin Brost Photographs an Underground Speakeasy in Phoenix

Kevin Brost Photographs an Underground Speakeasy in Phoenix

Project of the Week

For our final Project of the Week this year, we’re closing things out with a very cool set of images by Arizona-based architectural photographer Kevin Brost.

Today we’re looking at an underground cocktail bar in Phoenix called 36 Below by House of Form.

What I love about this series is how Kevin was able to make a beautiful, cohesive set of images with plenty of mood, all in an area void of natural light. Kevin’s mastery of his craft really shines through in this project, giving us some swanky, sexy photographs that are perfect for this speakeasy.

Kevin sets us up with a one-point perspective, using the leading lines from the ceiling panels, the bar, the molding, and the perfectly arranged tables and stools to drive our eyes through the scene.

The bar is drenched in maximalist decor, and while there is a lot going on, Kevin chunks it down for us in a way that allows us to note each feature, color, and texture.

This batch of vignettes helps give us a sense of place. We can feel ourselves walking down the stairs, descending into the bar. We are able to feel the velvety texture of the stools, and the weight of the cocktail glass in our hands.

I’m really impressed with Kevin’s control of all of the light, color, and reflections in this space. With the wall of changing screens and overhead can lights, there are quite a few elements at play that would make this a challenging spot to photograph. He nailed it though.

Many thanks to Kevin for sharing this very cool, very unique project with us. It’s a perfect way to close a year of incredible projects here on APALMANAC. Thank you all for reading this little column, and see you in 2022!

Head over to to see more of Kevin’s awesome work, or give him a follow on Instagram @kevinbrost.

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