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Howdy! I'm Lexi, a photographer, graphic designer, and writer. After my husband and I restored our 1919 home in Baltimore, I developed a love of all things architectural.

As a huge nerd for post-processing and elaborate detail work, I've found great joy in the labors of love that photographing architecture demands. In my former travels around the globe as an ad agency photographer, I've fallen even further in love with the various structures and niches that AP has to offer!

36 Pictures From The National Museum by Norwegian Photographer Ivar Kvaal

Since the day I came across Ivar Kvaal’s photographs of Snøhetta’s Under, I’ve been completely smitten with his work. Ivar recently reached out with the news of his new book 36 Pictures From The National Museum, which I am excited to share with you.

Ivar describes 36 Pictures From The National Museum as a timeless artist book “about architecture, politics and the struggle with capitalism.”

Glasgow Based Photographer Gillian Hayes Photographs a Home in the Heart of Cairngorms National Park

Every now and again you come across photographs of a project that completely stops you in your tracks. Gillian Hayes of Dapple Photography‘s photos of Lower Tullochgrue by Brown & Brown Architects was that project for me lately. As we drift into the holiday season, this feels like the perfect Project of the Week – frosty, snowy scenery, warm inviting interiors, and quiet moments crafted by Gillian make this series stand out to me.

Adam Potts Takes Us To The Donum Estate’s Vertical Panorama Pavilion

There is something about Adam Potts‘ work that is just plain brilliant. His compositions, his lighting, his processing work – it’s all spot on. Adam is based in Northern California, which means his portfolio is chock full of vineyards, vast golden skies, and sprawling landscapes. This project, his photographs of The Vertical Panorama Pavilion at The Donum Estate, is the perfect addition to his body of work.

Photographing the Elaborately Beautiful Jaipur Rugs Storefront With Ishita Sitwala

Today, Project of the Week leads to us to a lovely series by one of my very favorite photographers, Ishita Sitwala. Ishita creates one mindblowing set of images after another, but this particular project of the Jaipur Rugs storefront is a unique and complex collection.

Ishita’s clients for this stunning set of images are Jaipur Rugs themsleves, who wanted to document their store for promotional purposes, as well as the interior designer of the space, Vaishali Kamdar Associates.

Robert Rieger Talks HMI’s, Client Needs, and Making Mood at Volkshaus Basel for Herzog & de Meuron

Robert Rieger is a phenomenal editorial photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and portraiture. He is based in Berlin, but works all over the world. Robert’s work is rich in contrast and dramatic light. It radiates a warm, sun-drenched, golden feeling. His photographs flow together to make one continuous story, with each individual composition acting as its own tiny tale.

Miranda Kimberlin Gives Us a Lesson in Showing Context With Her Photos of Imbue Design’s Taviawk

With another APALMANAC Architecture Photography Awards season on the horizon, I’ve found myself going back and pouring over the longlisted entries from the 2021 awards. One project I was particularly stricken by was Miranda Kimberlin’s photographs of Taviawk by Imbue Design. For this week’s featured project, let’s dive in and get to know Miranda and her work a bit better!

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