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Howdy! I'm Lexi, a photographer, graphic designer, and writer. After my husband and I restored our 1919 home in Baltimore, I developed a love of all things architectural.

As a huge nerd for post-processing and elaborate detail work, I've found great joy in the labors of love that photographing architecture demands. In my former travels around the globe as an ad agency photographer, I've fallen even further in love with the various structures and niches that AP has to offer!

Robert Rieger Talks HMI’s, Client Needs, and Making Mood at Volkshaus Basel for Herzog & de Meuron

Robert Rieger is a phenomenal editorial photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and portraiture. He is based in Berlin, but works all over the world. Robert’s work is rich in contrast and dramatic light. It radiates a warm, sun-drenched, golden feeling. His photographs flow together to make one continuous story, with each individual composition acting as its own tiny tale.

Miranda Kimberlin Gives Us a Lesson in Showing Context With Her Photos of Imbue Design’s Taviawk

With another APALMANAC Architecture Photography Awards season on the horizon, I’ve found myself going back and pouring over the longlisted entries from the 2021 awards. One project I was particularly stricken by was Miranda Kimberlin’s photographs of Taviawk by Imbue Design. For this week’s featured project, let’s dive in and get to know Miranda and her work a bit better!

Dodging Pelicans and Gamblers, Miller + Miller Make Stunning Photographs of the New Iowa Illinois Memorial Bridge

Chicago’s husband and wife team Ryan and Sarah Miller of Miller + Miller Architectural Photography photograph infrastructure in such a compelling way that I could pour through it all day. In particular, Sarah and Ryan knock bridges out of the park.

You might remember their past Project of the Week appearance, photographing the Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge.

Before and After LaGuardia’s Terminal C Project With Architectural Photographer Matthew McNulty

Architectural photographer Matthew McNulty submitted in a series that is a bit different from what we usually see around here, making it a welcome Project of the Week candidate! Matthew photographed LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal C during construction and after completion, producing a couple of awesome diptychs in addition to an overall great set of photographs.

Adam Gibson Transports us to a Jaw-Dropping Shelter on the Edge of Southern Tasmania

Today, architectural photographer Adam Gibson is taking us to ‘The Point’ – a jaw-dropping home designed by Tanner Architects in Southern Tasmania. The Point rests on a rural hillside, looking out over the ocean. Adam has done a beautiful job placing this house in the context of its environment, showing off the materiality, infusing each scene with an otherworldly mood, and helping us understand the details that make The Point so special.

The Countdown to COUNTDOWN – a Photo Book Exploring Cold War Era Nuclear Sites

I was recently introduced to a very interesting and eerie photo book project that is a collaboration between architectural photographer Adam Reynolds and fine art photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales – aptly named COUNTDOWN.

Adam – who in addition to his client-commissioned architectural photography work – has photographed past projects like documenting Isreal’s bomb shelters.

‘Don’t Get In A Rowboat’ – The Story Behind Photographing The Pottering Shed With Jim Stephenson

On this episode of Project of the Week, UK-based Jim Stephenson tells a bit about blurring the line between film and photography, the importance of detail, and getting whisked away in a rowboat while photographing The Pottering Shed by Studio Mutt.

“This was the first project I was commissioned for this year, so it was early January on the English coast – bloody freezing!

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