Max Artbovich

Staff Writer

Hi! I am an architectural photographer and videographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Many years ago, I finished my career in media and dove into the world of architectural photography. I love the feeling I get when I first meet interiors. It's like a Christmas box in which there is always something new.

The distinct ambiance of the Emily Resort Hotel through the eyes of Ukrainian photographer Yevhenii Avramenko

I have been following Yevhenii Avramenko’s work for a long time. I am delighted with his view of the spaces he photographs. Each photo shoot, regardless of the architect, is imbued with the atmosphere and style inherent in this photographer. The color, soft contrast, and unsurpassed work with natural light create a poetic image, turning simple design documentation into a reflection of the story that permeates the interior.

Is There a Place for Architectural Photography During a Full-Scale War?

A year ago, I hesitated to answer this difficult question with a fairly obvious answer for a long time.Is there any place for such a business in a country where all the processes of peaceful life have slowed down or stopped normal activities of a peaceful life?
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