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In the wild west of the internet, it’s not a matter of if your photographs will be stolen and used improperly, but when. We know you’d rather photograph than litigate, so photographers Mike Kelley and Matthew Anderson have crafted this educational video to break down the process of dealing with image and intellectual property theft. The Copyright & Infringements video is part of “The Business of Architecture Photography” series and is a step-by-step discourse on what to do when your photographs have been used improperly without compensation. Learn about the scale of escalation, getting lawyers involved, takedown notices, and how to stand up for yourself and your work. Now get out there (register your images) and get compensated!


Have you ever wished you could pick the brain of a fellow architectural photographer to figure out how they started their career? Now you can! In The Business of Architecture Photography series, Kansas City-based architectural photographer Matthew Anderson and Los Angeles-based architectural photographer Mike Kelley sit down and chat about all the lessons they’ve learned in their respective careers.

In the Copyright & Infringements video, Matthew and Mike break down the step-by-step process of protecting your images and dealing with copyright infringement. You can expect to hear about topics such as:

  • How to protect your images and mitigate damages
  • The logistics of registering images with U.S. Copyright Office
  • Different approaches to take and the scale of escalation to use when you find your photos have been used without permission
  • Using takedown notices
  • Hiring and working with an attorney
  • Competition use and fine print
  • Dealing with “fair use” arguments

View a short extract from this video here:


What’s included?

This approximately 45-minute-long video is an instant digital download. Within moments of your purchase, you will be sent a download link giving you access to the Copyright & Infringements Video. Please note that this download link is only for the Copyright & Infringements video. If you want to purchase the entire “The Business of Architectural Photography” series, you can do so here.

Who should watch this?

This video on Copyright & Infringements is for any and all photographers or creators of creative and intellectual property – especially those working in the architectural photography field, from newcomers to seasoned professionals. As the number of images you make and publish in your career grows, so does the likelihood that your work will be used without permission!

Your purchase funds the Architectural Photography Almanac

We are proud to run a blog free of advertisements and as a result our topics are not influenced by financial bias or pressure to positively review a certain piece of gear or suck up to any industry figures.  Writers are free to explore any topic, whether controversial, opinionated, or otherwise. Sales of this educational video generates income that helps to pay for server costs, pay the writers for their valuable contributions to architectural photography, and for our Mailchimp subscription which we try not to annoy you more than once every other week with despite the angry emails that tell me I’m wasting people’s precious inbox pixels.



I don’t live in America. Is this relevant?

This video focuses on U.S. Copyright Law and is geared toward those living or working in the United States. That being said, the principles in this video apply to all photographers.

How will the product arrive?

This video is an instant digital download. Due to the nature of the high-quality, long-format videos in The Business of Architecture Photography series, the file sizes are a large and require some patience while downloading.

Is this a tutorial?

The Business of Architecture Photography is a 7 video series in which Matthew Anderson and Mike Kelley sit down together and talk about the in’s and out’s of their businesses. Think of it less as a tutorial and more of a talk show, or podcast that you can watch. Don’t have time to sit and watch it? Leave it playing in the background while you edit!

Do you take a payment processor other than PayPal? I have a personal problem with them.

At this time the only payment processor APAlmanac is using is PayPal. You do not need an account, though, and can pay with a credit card without signing up or providing PayPal with your email address.

I have a question that you didn’t answer, who can I reach out to?

Please email us at





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