I’ll Just Fix That in Post, and Other Lies I Tell Myself


How To Photograph Architecture: I’ll Just Fix That in Post, and Other Lies I Tell Myself is a downloadable e-book which contains ten chapters loaded with humor, teachable moments, technical information, behind the scenes images, and detailed breakdowns of how my images are created and how I work on location. Spanning nearly 250 pages, I share some of the most painful lessons I’ve learned over my career, how I build my images in the field, the equipment I use, how I use it, and much more.

This is not a boring technical manual that shares useless EXIF information or flash settings; but rather a look at the physical, interpersonal, mental, and of course photographic challenges I’ve faced in my career photographing architecture. Because who cares what the shutter speed is when you’re being chased out of a building by an angry security guard or you’ve just been covered in a fine mist of helicopter-induced vomit. Scroll down to read more details or click the ‘add to cart’ button to get your digital download copy immediately.

What’s included?

Photo-by-photo breakdowns of major commissions

Come along with me on some of the most important photoshoots of my career, spanning America to Asia, from homes to airports to high rises. I will be the first to admit that I do a good job of making it look like all fun and games on instagram, but in I’ll Just Fix That in Post, and Other Lies I Tell Myself, I lay bare the struggles and difficulties inherent in some of these productions. Things go right, and things also go wrong – so, so wildly wrong – but creating great images is job number one, and at the end of the day we have to produce something great no matter the circumstances. Leaving critical equipment 6500 miles away at home, dealing with indigestion halfway around the world, and smashed art objects are just a few of the problems faced throughout the stories told in the book.

Behind-the-scenes images, camera, and equipment information

Follow along step-by-step as we construct scenes and re-arrange furniture to style a scene from nothing, or place the perfect human figure in order to create a story and understand the scale of landmark architecture. Get up with me at 4am to photograph a home at sunrise, survive on coffee until a midnight wrap after an 18 hour day, and better understand the settings and equipment used to create my images. Learn how I harness both flash and natural light in various settings, or how I visualize a completed photograph by starting with an empty room, finishing with a publication-worthy image that sells to multiple clients.

Who was this written for?

I’ve made a very conscious effort in I’ll Just Fix That in Post to make sure that everyone from the complete beginner to seasoned pros find something to chew on. If you’re looking for boring stories of where to put the camera and what settings to use, you won’t find those here, but if you want something that can inspire you to approach your next shoot in a different way, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking to find out what goes into a four-day residential shoot or what’s involved with flying around the world, jump in.

The Chapters:

  • Gear and settings breakdown
  • Arranging the objects in your scene
  • Inserting people into an image
  • Photographing the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX
  • Photographing the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles
  • How to arrange access to create the photographs you need
  • Photographing Regalia in Miami
  • Photographing from a helicopter
  • Photographing a hotel in China
  • Working in Bangladesh
  • Photographing Carla House in Los Angeles

A few of the images that the book discusses in detail…click to enlarge!

The book was beautifully designed for easy readability on digital platforms

Can I read a sample before I purchase?

I have previously published one of the chapters in the book on APAlmanac, a sample of which can be read here. The length of the chapters in I’ll Just Fix That in Post varies, though each shares multiple teachable moments, behind-the-scenes images, and real-world information you can take with you on your own shoots.

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We are proud to run a blog free of advertisements and as a result our topics are not influenced by financial bias or pressure to positively review a certain piece of gear or suck up to any industry figures.  Writers are free to explore any topic, whether controversial, opinionated, or otherwise. Sales of this e-book generate income that helps to pay for server costs, pay the writers for their valuable contributions to architectural photography, and for our Mailchimp subscription which we try not to annoy you more than once every other week with despite the angry emails that tell me I’m wasting people’s precious inbox pixels.

I guarantee you this book will save you $40 in frustration throughout your career

Consider your $40 investment a mashup of group therapy, an epic self-roast (plenty of laughs at my expense) and technical manual. If you disagree, end up learning nothing, and find this to be ineffective in helping you make better pictures or running a tighter business, let me know within two weeks of your purchase and I’ll refund your money. I promise that the lessons I have learned and shared here will save you far, far more than $40 over the span of your career. Probably more than that over the next single job you take on.


Are you going to print this as a real book? The picture shows a real book.

I would love to. It would be beautiful. But at this time I have no plans to – I’ve done two “real” books and the logistics and headache were just massive. I think I’ll keep it as an e-book for the time being, unless a compelling reason to print this is presented to me. And yes, I know about the lead image, it’s a mockup created in Photoshop – but I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the fact that it’s an e-book with some stories in it and separated chapters – I’m sorry!

Can I read this on my iPad/Kindle/iPhone/Tablet?

You may have difficulty downloading onto a mobile device unless you can download directly into the ‘files’ app (iPhones and most Apple products include this). We recommend downloading first to a desktop or laptop and then transferring to your phone or iPad using your preferred method. If you’d like to download straight to an iPad, please refer to these instructions. As far as Kindles go, it depends on the version – the e-ink reader versions are not recommended as they cannot show the image-heavy layouts without severe degradation and loss of detail. I don’t own a Microsoft Surface though reports are that it works fine on them in a PDF reader.



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